The Top 10 Outlines of Personality on TV, According to Reddit

instinct anatomy It has already begun its nineteenth season, which will see the departure of protagonist Meredith Gray, with the show’s makers recently teasing her exit. While fans wait for Meredith’s signature, there are plenty of other characters bidding farewell to TV that the Redditors have admitted to enjoying.

From science fiction shows like margin To the dark fantasy series style supernaturalCharacter exits range from heroes either leaving to pursue something else or their departure as part of a greater sacrifice. Redditors have provided strong reasons for why they feel the Departed did justice to the characters.

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Martha Jones prioritizes her own self-adventure over adventure in Doctor Who

There are a lot of great Martha Jones episodes in Doctor fromBut her departure may be for the best. redditor FuIIofDETERMINATION She loved her exit because she “knows what’s healthier for her, and even with the marvels of time travel and exploration, she takes her personal happiness and says a kind goodbye.”

Martha leaves after saving the world but realizes that the doctor will never bring her feelings back. Instead of trapping herself in a situation where she would always feel sad, Martha left for her mental health. It was a mature decision and a well-rounded exit, as Martha avoided the tragic departure that her other companions had to be responsible for her fate.

The death of Rita Morgan completely changed Dexter

Rita’s wife, the titular character, is among the best in Dexter For being the only really good guy in a series about serial killers. Her shocking exit arrived when it was revealed that she had been murdered by the Trinity Killer, with Redditor mortaba They write that they “still choke on the thought of how Rita left…you should see it.”

Rita’s death was sudden because Dexter had just killed Trinity, which means that the latter had done the deed earlier. It completely changed the tide of the series – Rita’s death was tragic, but a few characters left with a demise made a huge impact.

Sgt. Phil Esterhaus received an honor at Hill Street Blues

redditor pass 4 human Loved Hill Street BluesSgt write-off method. Phil Esterhaus, admitting that it “sadly resulted from the death of his photographer, Michael Conrad.” The death of the actor led to the demise of the character, whose last breath is revealed in the company of his lover.

Hill Street Blues It revolves around the lives of police station employees, as Esterhaus’ plea to “be careful out there” has become iconoclastic. The show paid tribute to the character by repeating the name-calling even after his death. Esterhaus’ exit was poignant and fitting for his character.

Arizona Robbins gets her happy ending at Grey’s Anatomy

redditor yourartmattersxo He writes that “People underestimated Arizona’s farewell. She brought her family back.” Arizona was once considered among the best characters in instinct anatomy Before she made several terrible decisions that cost Arizona his wife, she was forced to share custody of her daughter.

Her departure saw Arizona reconcile with Callie as she moved to New York, meaning her family was complete again. Although this exit was relatively abrupt, it tied all the loose ends in the Arizona story to leaving the show on a happy note after years of feeling lost and lonely.

Doug Ross left ER after his actions caught him off guard

redditor Jeremy ParamountThe view of Doug’s departure is that “the reinforcements have been fantastic, with his repeated breach of the rules escalating to the point of putting his career in jeopardy.” Doug left the series after his rebellious attitude nearly brought him a criminal charge before deciding to leave for Seattle.

Doug’s exit stayed true to his character’s inability to play by the rules, and it made sense that he needed to walk away after the estrangement caused by his actions with his friends. Instead of handing over any heavy departure, ER He chose to give Doug a solid reason to say goodbye.

Before Darth Maul his fate in Star Wars Rebels

Since the true demise of the character didn’t happen in a movie, there are certain things star Wars Fans don’t know about Darth Maul. The true exodus of the former Sith disciple came Star Wars: RebelsHe is killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi so that the latter can protect Luke Skywalker.

redditor Dimiva He believes this exit “is the perfect ending to Maul’s character and his relationship with Kenobi.” Maul was the archenemy of the Obi-Wan for years before their final confrontation ended their dynamic. Maul got a certain demise instead of the mysterious demise he received Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom MenaceWith the character accepting his fate.

Walter Bishop redeemed himself before he left the sidelines

marginThe epilogue sees Walter Bishop travel to the future to prevent a multi-planetary catastrophe but is separated from his family. redditor king_ant I loved this exit because it was “a redeeming, final farewell sacrifice, a perfect farewell to one of the greatest characters on TV.”

Walter had earlier threatened the universe himself with his research, so his decision to head to the future to stave off global catastrophe was his way of righting his wrongs. Exodus completed his character development while giving fans a satisfying conclusion.

Obi Winston falls into the blaze of glory in Sons of Anarchy

Obi Winston exits in sons of anarchy Came through his death by redditor Deadmanookin 791 He found it a worthy departure because he “got out in the flames of glory”. As it happens, protagonist Jax gets an impossible decision to choose one of his gang members to die in prison, with Jax choosing himself.

Obi steps in to spare Jax by sacrificing himself, and he ends up being beaten to death. Although the scene itself isn’t pretty, Obi’s exit proves how loyal he is and comes out on his own terms.

Nikki and Paulo’s horrific deaths serve them right

Few are universally hated characters like LostNikki and Paulo. The only good thing that came out of their role was their exit, which is Redditor Ali Ahmed Ali 3573 They are loved because “the creators were literally buried alive because they were so hated by the fans.”

The unpopularity of the characters led to their less beautiful deaths, as Nicky and Paulo were left paralyzed from spider bites and presumed dead – and buried by other survivors, not knowing they were still alive. With Nikki and Paulo being so superficial and unloved, viewers actually praised their shocking exit as a fan service.

Elaine and Joe died together in the most fitting way in Supernatural

in supernatural, Ellen and Joe die when they sacrifice themselves to enable protagonist Sam and Dean Winchester to escape. redditor the righteous I loved their exit, writing that “their exit was probably one of the best farewells. Their very death was from them. Brave to the end.”

A pair of mother and daughter hunters always put themselves in harm’s way to take out supernatural beings. As a result of this, their sacrifices played a rightful role in their well-established characterizations. Elaine and Joe sacrificed their lives so the heroes could avoid the apocalypse, making their departure from the show ultimately worth it.

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