Knicks fans urge team to trade stars for ‘literally anything’


Julius Randle is under fire again.

The New York Knicks now find themselves under 0.500 after making a hot start, and laser fans focus on Julius Randle’s latest play.

There was a point where fans apologized to Randle this season for how well he did, and now those tables have changed. As it turns out, when things are going well the fans are happy, and when things are bad, the fans feel the same.

There are only seven games left in the season, but fans are calling for a change and it’s all about Randle. Some want to see Obi Toppin replace him in the squad while others just want him off the team.

Randall’s transfer will be easier said than done considering his extension this year his salary Rocket. Obviously, this isn’t something fans have to worry about when they’re shooting, and that’s exactly what they did.

Fan votes are off on Randall

The ball was expected to be in less hands than Randle now that Jalen Bronson was in town, but the results have been very mixed so far.

Based on that, there are fans out there who think Randall and RJ Barrett don’t play well together and one of them should be moved. Between the two, Randle is likely to be the choice.

“RJ Barrett and Julius Randle cannot be on the same team together,” One fan said. “We have known this for 3 years now. Please move Randall for literally anything.”

As the season rolls around, an NBA executive who spoke to Sean Devine of Heavy Sports said Randle may ask for a deal at some point this season due to his role, and those fans who want him gone would surely want to see that.

“He could definitely be a guy who’s looking to order a trade this year,” the CEO said. “I don’t think they’re going to use it the way they used to, not with the wings they have.”

Many fans are having trouble with Randle bringing the ball and making play, something that shouldn’t happen often with Bronson as a starting goalkeeper.

“Julius Randle tackling basketball at any point in the game is not the best idea when you have Derek Rose or Jalen Bronson on the floor,” Big Knick Energy’s Twitter account wrote.

Randall is fighting back

After looking really good at the start of the year, Randle watched his field goals percentage drop to 42.6 percent year on year. Given that we’ve only had seven games in a year, that number can jump quite a bit, so maybe not much stock should be put into it now.

Randle is a big man in the play industry, but fans want to see Bronson run the attack, and that could be something to help the striker.

When the Knicks were on his hot start, a lot of that was down to Bronson playing for the team rather than turning the ball around. It can take time for things to change, especially when you’ve been used to one thing for a while, but it seems like this should happen with Randle.


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