Top 10 Movies Like Luckiest Girl Alive

Content Warning: References to sexual assault and self-harm.

Latest Netflix Drama The luckiest girl alive Dropped onto the streaming platform a few weeks ago, Mila Kunis gave a groundbreaking performance as a writer trying to get over a particularly traumatic high school accident. Certainly not an easy hour, The luckiest girl alive He succeeds in presenting his narrative but without tampering with the trauma faced by the main character.

An animated Netflix movie in particular can prompt viewers to check out more socially relevant hours that address issues such as sexual assault and personal loss in a sensitive and carefully written way.

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Mystic River (2003)

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A group of three friends live a normal life until one of them is kidnapped at a young age, a dark event that plagues him even into adulthood. Things only get complicated when one of their daughters is murdered in an incident that reaches into their past.

Oscar-winning Tim Robbins’ performance as Dave Boyle is outstanding mysterious river, With Sean Penn also introducing his dramatic prowess. While the first portrays a victim of abuse, the other plays a helpless friend who only wishes good luck for his recovery. It is the complex friendship and influence of the hardships of their past that may connect with their fans The luckiest girl alive.

The Gift (2015)

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Bullying is often considered a rite of passage in high school, but it can lead to a traumatic time for the person on the receiving end. playing with such topics, the gift It is a touching psychological thriller that deals with a mysterious man who appears in the home of a bully, eager to get revenge.

The luckiest girl alive And the the gift It may be different in subject matter, but both films end up focusing on how high school may not be a rosy experience for everyone, especially for those who experience trauma at the expense of others’ amusement.

Parallel Mothers (2021)

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Made one of the best Spanish films in recent years by Pedro Almodóvar Parallel mothers It offers alternative representations of motherhood through two interconnected stories, one relating to one middle-aged woman who yearns to give birth and the other focusing on a young woman who fears the birth of her child after being abandoned by the father.

While Penélope Cruz plays the middle-aged protagonist, she is supported by stunning newcomer Milena Smit, who offers a perfectly balanced portrayal of a character burdened with birth and high school trauma. In a few emotional moments, Smit’s acting reminds us of Kunis’ performance.

The Helper (2020)

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Kitty Greene’s harrowing tale of workplace harassment is told through the claustrophobia perspective of Julia Garner as the emeritus. As she begins with what appears to be a high-ranking job, she realizes that her professional obligations also require her to remain silent with all misdemeanors involving high-ranking officials.

the assistant It is a tragic but important hour that shows how society can silence women in times of trouble. Even Mila Kunis Ani in The luckiest girl alive He faces attempts to silence her voice after she tells what happened in her younger years. It is the way these turbulent characters emerge from their beleaguered positions that offer viewers some hope.

Silent (2011)

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Breaking down the harrowing details of the abuse of several deaf students in a private school and the legal drama that followed, silent It is such a relevant watch that it actually created quite a public stir after its launch. When the film revealed that the real culprits had not faced the necessary justice, protests emerged calling for stricter legal action against them.

be it The luckiest girl alive or silentBoth accounts show that regardless of whether the perpetrators of trauma face their punishment or not, the scars of the past remain for those who survive.

Monster (2003)

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One of the best Charlize Theron movies, monster He finds her playing real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos. But instead of a biographical crime thriller with all the shock value, monster He humanizes his muse by explaining the circumstances that drove her to such violent means of catharsis. Faced with constant threats from abusive men, a hardened Eileen decides she’s had enough.

Unlike the protagonist in The luckiest girl alive, monster It shows that some people have to resort to extreme measures to get over their past.

Not okay (2022)

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The woman works for a content company similar to Buzzfeed, and is eager to become famous in today’s ever-changing trends on social media. So, when she pretends to be a bombing survivor, she ends up becoming a hero in post-traumatic recovery for the many who have survived through similar instances of violence. However, with the huge popularity of social media comes a huge responsibility, and the hero Zoey Deutch has no responsibility.

Not okayExploring the commodification of pain is an intriguing contrast with the harsh realities outlined in The luckiest girl alive And it’s worth watching for this reason.

Waltz with Bashir (2008)

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Inspired by the 1982 Lebanon War, the part is a documentary film Bashir’s dance It shows how Israeli and Lebanese soldiers were affected by PTSD in the aftermath of the futile conflict. Flipping between the past and the present, this Israeli war drama attempts to capture the fears of its characters across different age groups.

It is considered one of the best and most influential animated films for adults. Bashir’s dance Still a modern classic. While it differs greatly from The luckiest woman aliveThe Israeli film is still to be seen for its complex examination of the human toll.

Moxy (2021)

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Directed by Amy Poehler for the first time moxi The film revolves around a high school student who begins a secret underground life, and is angry at the daily sexism cases she witnesses in class. However, when turned into an anonymous icon, she encounters more serious cases of sexual harassment that reveal how school can’t be a self-paced space.

The luckiest girl alive It takes a darker approach to its subject matter, but in case viewers need a more ironic narrative as a story, then moxi It would make for a wonderful watch.

The Magdalene Sisters (2002)

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Magdalene Nuns It exposes the shockingly disturbing role of reform within a religious system where “fallen” women are tortured and mistreated. Survival focuses on the escape attempts of three women who are tired of religious dogmas and the tyranny that dominate their lives.

The 2022 Netflix drama deals with a writer struggling with her past Magdalene Nuns Focuses on three nuns slowly dying at present. But either way, the characters share a common desire to survive and find the much-needed epilogue.

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