Why Frank is not on “best terms” with Dolores’ friend

Frank Catania from The Real Housewives of New Jersey He explains why he’s having trouble getting along with Dolores Catania’s friend, Paul Connell. Dolores and Paul became an item after her split from ex-husband David Principe. Back in February, the two made things official on Instagram. Fans were expecting Paul to appear on the show, because Dolores didn’t open up about him until the twelfth season reunion. The most interesting aspect of Dolores’ love life is her very close friendship with her ex-husband Frank.

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Frank realizes that the dynamic of his friendship with Dolores is a lot for her new boyfriend to deal with, and he credits her with causing a rift between him and Paul. “We are not on the best terms because Paul is not used to the dynamic between me and Dolores‘ said Frank us weekly at BravoCon. Frank explained that Paul needed to spend more time with him and Dolores in order to see that, “There is nothing to worry about, right? I love her. I will always love her. I always take care of her.According to Frank, Paul has got better,“In terms of accepting Frank’s continued presence in Dolores’ life.”We spent a lot of time together and I think it became more comfortable,Frank shared. While noted early”tension“Which the two shared, Frank now thinks it’s”He went,“He added that the two can share”bosomAs they cross paths.

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Frankie thinks Frank and Paul aren’t sitting perfectly

Frank joined BravoCon with Frankie and his 24-year-old son Dolores, who provided more information about the cause of the feud between his father and Paul. “I don’t know how nice he treats my father, and I’m just being honest here,Frankie said us weekly. He credited his father and Paul, “alpha characters“As a reason they aren’t best friends.”I don’t think it’s completely jelly“Frankie explained. However, it appears that Frank and Paul are working on their relationship.”They settle disputesFrankie added, explaining how.amazing“His father and Paul as well. While David seemed more passive and indifferent, Paul seemed to be quite the opposite.”It’s very manly‘ said Frank, adding,Even though he’s from Ireland, he reminds me of the kind of guys I grew up with.

During BravoCon, Frank revealed that he enjoys group dinner dates with Dolores and Paul. Frank is in his own relationship, and he has a girlfriend with whom Dolores agrees. It’s been more than two decades since Dolores and Frank divorced. Dolores has opened up about leaving Frank, after learning of his infidelity when she was pregnant with Frankie. Despite the heartbreak, Dolores and Frank remained like thieves in the wake of their divorce. On occasion, Frank lived with Dolores (and even her ex-husband David). Viewers and cast members expressed their confusion about Dolores and Frank’s unconventional dynamic as a divorced couple.

It’s safe to say that Frank will always be a very big part of Dolores’ life. Having raised two children together, Dolores and Frank share an unbreakable bond, despite their divorce, or who they are dating. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 will likely introduce Paul, and follows his budding romance with Dolores. Frank is also in a new relationship, and viewers love seeing a double date between the divorced couple. Currently, Frank and Paul are working to strengthen their brotherly bond.

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