Billing fans get excited with juice jet receipts after surprise win


Several members of the Buffalo Bills sit on the sidelines of an NFL game.

The New York Jets have come in for a lot of criticism, despite their 5-3 record reaching the ninth week, for being a poser.

The team that simply beat out the bad teams, faced off against back-up players, was lucky in many competitions. So, with Gang Green set to host the Buffalo Bills, Super Bowl favorites, most expected them to be blown away.

people more in vegas He had the Jets as a touch dog in the house and many Bills fans flexed their muscles throughout the week. Unfortunately, things did not go their way.

Get fan bills on social media by Jets Fans

Planes Expired By beating the Bills 20-17 and earning his victory in 2022.

There were no excuses to be found after he punched Buffalo Green and White in the face.

However, in preparation for this match, many fans invited aircraft. Aaron Quinn He said the Vegas spread made sense for this game because “Vegas knows like me, that the 5-3 record is a little tricky.”

he is double In this regard in a separate tweet saying that the Jets “feels like the most cheating 5-3 team I’ve ever seen. They could easily be 2-6 right now.”

Danny Friesina accused Planes from having an “inflated record” based on who they’ve played this season.

One fan said He would be “surprised” if the Jets finished the season with a record over 50,000 this season.

else fan said At least 17 bills were supposed to be preferred.

If not all of that bad enough One Bills fan had the intestinal fortitude to say he feared planes more when they had Joe Flacco in the middle than Zach Wilson now.

This is an evolving story and we will provide new details as they become available.


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