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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the second season of One of Us Lies.Although there are light tones of breakfast club At first, one of us is lying He takes a dark turn into a murder mystery with a cunning cast of characters. Four students caught in a murder investigation juggle their newly discovered case as the infamous “Kill Club,” along with their own investigation and maintaining their grades. Balancing all of this is no small feat, but Bronwyn, Nate, Addy and Cooper manage to survive by cooperating and combining their wits.

Although the Bayview Four and their pursuit of truth are the main focus of the story, several other characters prove to be equally clever and are involved in Simon’s murder in the most surprising way. Altogether, the characters are a mix of the worst and the best of Bayview High, from the cunning and ruthless Jake to the perfect good girl, Bronwyn.

Updated November 7, 2022 by Daniel Broncati: After deviating from the source material at the end of season one, One Of Us Is Lying fans weren’t sure what to expect when season two was released at the end of October. However, the season did not disappoint. Of course, the Murder Club returns to find itself already embroiled in a murder that must be covered up. Adding to the stakes, there are many new faces determined to outsmart the Murder Club and eliminate them once and for all. So, who is the clever “One of Us Is the Liar” character? Well, that depends on whether they can get away with murder apparently.

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13/13 Giselle

Gisele joins Bayview High a few episodes in season two and hits it off right away with Vanessa. Not an official student, Gisele is just in town to find out what happened to Jake – her alleged summertime boyfriend. Her appearance causes chaos in the Murder Club, especially Addie who must account for the fact that Jake may have been cheating on her.

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While Gisele seems like the perfect chip for Murder Club manners, she isn’t wise enough to cheat them. She places her trust in the wrong people, and her blind love for Jake makes her both physically and mentally weak. As such, she becomes an unexpected victim of the Simon Says game that the Murder Club is forced to play.

12/13 Detective Wheeler

Detective Wheeler was part of one of us is lying Since the beginning when she took over the case of Simon’s death. She is back in Season 2 to investigate Jake’s mysterious disappearance on Halloween night.

Detective Wheeler must be good at her job so that Jake’s parents can trust her to solve his disappearance case, but she doesn’t seem to match Murder Club. She got Simon wrong in season one, and she threw Nate into prison wrongly. And in Season 2, she’s out again, failing to realize that Murder Club is the cause of Jake’s death, not Fiona.

11/13 Chris

As an honorary member of the Murder Club in Season 1, Kris does not want anything to do with the Murder Club heroes in Season 2, and even goes so far as to break up with Cooper. It’s a tough move however, smart on his part as he doesn’t really have anything to do with the club other than his one with Cooper.

However, love has a way of getting what it wants, and in the end, Chris ends up once again participating in Murder Club behaviors for season two. Although Kris is not an unintelligent character, his love for Cooper has made him do some stupid things.

10/13 Cooper

Cooper’s entire world is all about impressing the major league scouts so he can craft and support his family, who have always supported him. Of all the characters, Cooper has the most to lose by being in the Murder Club due to his athletic potential and the fact that he’s gay (not out of most of the first season). This theme continues into Season 2, with a much higher stakes since now he’s embroiled in an actual murder.

Although not the smartest of the Murder Club, he is cunning enough to aid in investigations. This is especially evident in the season finale, “One of Us is Dead,” when he convinces Jake he believes him and keeps him distracted, so the others can sneak in and look for evidence of Jake’s involvement in Simon’s death.

9/13 Simon

Simon’s sudden death on the pilot causes him to be removed from the show before the audience has a chance to get to know him better. However, thanks to flashbacks and details from other characters, fans can see quite a bit of his life and personality. For the most part, he’s one of the worst teen villains on TV because of his destructive posts about it, but few people, like Janae and Maeve, saw so little good in him despite all of that.

The way Simon runs the gossiping mill is impressive, especially given the level of manipulation and scheming he uses to get interesting secrets from his fellow students. Simon’s duplicity knows no bounds, he blackmails some people and exchanges secrets with others to get the best content for his app. Unfortunately, he put his trust in the wrong person, which eventually led to his death.

8/13 Vanessa

Vanessa might seem like another stuck, wealthy, famous girl at Bayview High, and while she kind of is, there’s a lot going on in her head. As Jake’s childhood best friend, she is determined to find out what really happened to him on Halloween because she knows he wouldn’t leave the country without telling her.

Although she is a little hasty in her statements, she is right nine times out of ten. She’s the only one who’s cut together that Murder Club killed Jake, and she’s the one who helps them cover up this by going on TV. Obviously, Vanessa should not be underestimated.

7/13 criminal

While Simon’s death has the biggest impact on the lives of the Bayview Four, it’s also the catalyst for some major changes in Janae’s life. Before her best friend dies, she lives a happily quiet life, barely recognized by the rest of the school. The pursuit of justice for Simon forces her to talk more and to show her an intelligent side that most people don’t realize.

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While Janae spends part of Season 1 against the Murder Club, she is a full member by Season 2. Spending all this time with Simon means that she has learned a thing or two about complicity and that she is able to help them stay out of trouble. After all, it’s her idea to take Jake’s body out to sea on her father’s yacht.

6/13 Addy

On the surface, Addie seems like nothing more than one of the beautiful and popular girls who is dating Jock. Even press reports of Simon’s murder classify her as the pretty girl on the set. While this shallow interpretation of her character is accurate in the first few episodes of the show, Addy’s transformation after her big breakup with Jake proves that looks can be deceiving and sets her up to become one of the best teen characters on the show.

Jake initially tried to frame her for the murder, but as he eventually told Cooper, “It’s a shame no one thought she was smart enough to come up with a plan half as good as mine,” so he framed Nate instead. However, Addie has proven to be more insightful than Jake, and everyone gives her credit for that. It continues to be an underestimated threat in season two by discovering the relationship between Gisele and Jake before anyone else.

5/13 Bronwyn

Before delving into this fateful arrest, Bronwyn was nothing more than a student topping her class, on track to become a superstar, and a perfect match for the typical good girl in teen films. Like the rest of the Murder Club, her life is drastically changed after Simon’s death and subsequent investigation. Instead of focusing on getting good grades, she spends her time searching for clues that exonerate herself and her new friends.

Bronwyn’s mental acuity proves useful outside of the classroom, plus she looks for clues. Her persistence also pushes her to continue fighting for Nate’s release, even after everyone dismisses him as the killer upon his arrest. However, while Bronwyn is a smart book, she’s not always street smart, which is why she ends up in some very suspicious situations in Season 2, costing them nearly all of their freedom.

4/13 Nate

Due to his criminal record and reputation as a drug dealer, Nate is often seen as the bad boy at school. Police and the press identified him as the prime suspect in Simon’s murder on this basis, and in the episode “One of Us Dancing”, he is arrested for Simon’s murder over an anonymous tip that led police to implant a stolen EpiPen into his bike.

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Despite his notoriety and contrary to his uncaring attitude, Nate is more intelligent and attentive than he allows. In addition to successfully handling drugs in school without being caught by teachers, he is the group’s expert in criminal proceedings due to his background. On several occasions, he saved Bronwyn from implicating herself and suggested that the evidence be destroyed, so the cops had nothing to use against them.

3/13 Jake

Throughout the first season, Jake cuts the line between young viewers who regret that his girlfriend cheated on him and the unbearable and overly controlling jock who doesn’t allow Addie to express herself freely. All sympathy was gone for him at the end of the season once his role in Simon’s death was revealed.

Aside from changing people’s opinion of him, the reveal also shows how smart Jake is. Not only did he tell Simon the twisted audacity to further his agenda, but he also stabbed him in the back and literally got away with murder while framing others and making their lives miserable. He may have been persuasive and a mastermind, but he wasn’t smart enough to beat the Murder Club, though.

2/13 Fiona

Like Jake, Fiona prides herself on hiding her true identity. Fairly new to Bayview, Fiona has a hard time making friends due to her past, which was revealed about it just before Simon’s death. She plays a major role in the second season when she is assigned to be Nate’s teacher and thus.

Fiona may seem all too sweet and innocent, but it’s soon revealed that she’s the brains behind Simon Says. Not only that, she was Jake’s right hand in the “About That” relaunch after Simon’s death. Smart and desperate to get revenge on someone she loves, Fiona will stop at nothing to destroy the Murder Club once and for all.

1/13 What?

For most of season one, Maeve struggles to live in her sister’s shadow and is seen as a fragile girl who needs protection due to her medical history with leukemia. She proved herself invulnerable when she stole Simon’s laptop from Bronwyn, much to the surprise of her and the public.

The mastermind of all things tech-savvy, Maeve regularly helps the Murder Club hack hard drives, steal evidence, and cover their tracks on more than one occasion. She’s cool enough to act as a double agent in both seasons and pull off some of the best plot twists in the entire show by doing so.

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