Top 10 ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Episodes According To Reddit

With its historic 33rd release coming around Halloween, The SimpsonsThe annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode continues to be a frightening season favourite. Over the years, episodes have produced some of the show’s best moments, and fans can’t help but look at them intently.

From movie parodies to clever twists on classic literature, “Treehouse of Horror” elicits laughs as much as screams. While they’re usually the highlights of the seasons they’ve come from, users on Reddit have taken to the site to recall the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes they liked the most.

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Treehouse of Horror XIX (2008)

While it’s usually entertaining, not every Treehouse of Horror is perfect from start to finish, and some get one distinct part alone. user the summer One of those parts mentioned when they said “Episode 19. Charlie Brown parody is funny to me.”

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Spend some time parodying one of the most beloved pieces in the Halloween lore, a parody of XIX It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown It was really something worth seeing. Even if the rest of the episode was somewhat forgotten, removing another iconic piece from the Halloween tradition was a classic Simpsons humor.

Tree House of Horror X (1999)

The Simpsons It’s been on the air for so long that it’s like a time capsule from whatever era they were broadcasting in, and “Treehouse” episodes weren’t immune to this either. user pishposhpoppycock I couldn’t remember the number but he wrote “The one who has Flanders as a werewolf is chasing the Simpsons to run him over.”

Referring to “Treehouse of Horror X,” the user mentions an episode in which the book was honestly on the pulse of the moment. Not only was it a parody of a successful movie in I know what you did last summerThey mistook the Y2K phenomenon, which was a major cultural moment. Even if the episode was halfway through, it showed that the writers were always on the ball.

Tree House of Horror Eleven (2000)

Although they are some of the best anthology episodes of The SimpsonsMany fans of the lovable “Treehouse” episode have a subtle little moment that always makes them laugh. user Steve Amy Adam Amy He was one of those people, and he commented, “The eleventh is absolutely my favorite for the way Homer says, ‘Gloopid Gloropope’ with an ax in his head.”

Apart from this funny moment, XI also features The Simpsons as monsters Which has disastrous results, and a really weird nightmare in the shape of a dolphin. Relying less on parodies and more on the original, XI stands out because it put show tradition at the fore rather than pop culture cues.

Tree House of Horror VIII (1997)

The first decade is generally considered the best season The SimpsonsThe “Tree House of Horrors” episodes also reflected that quality. user Snap 2310 He praised the episode as a whole when he said “The eighth of the ninth season is the best overall episode IMO.”

With three incredibly strong sequels, Part VIII can definitely prove to be one of the most important true series. A parody of two classic films: omega man And the the flyThe episode concludes with a funny story about a witch hunt that was uprooted straight from the pages of history. From start to finish, VIII is one of the most well-written “Treehouse” episodes ever.

Tree House of Horror XXI (2010)

Although most fans are ready to write off the last 20 seasons altogether, some episodes do stand out. user SubZero7201 He praised the most recent episode when he said, “One of my favorite movies is ‘War and Pieces’ from THoH XXI.

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The episode masterfully balances a movie parody dead calm With sarcasm on the nose twilight. Refusing to stay behind the times, the 21st “Tree House of Horror” rode the wave of a pop culture phenomenon and was one of the savvy few twilight Parodies of that era.

Tree House of Horrors XII (2001)

Although “Treehouse of Horror XII” was a parody of one of the highest-grossing films of all time, its best segments originated entirely from the writers’ brains. user Sarah Square 8583 He praised the episode, saying, “The Hicks and the City from Episode 12. The Genie kills me every time.”

Despite the name, the part is not a parody of the hit HBO series, but rather an original story that shows Homer bringing a fatal curse upon the Simpsons. Going back to its roots, Episode XII is a much simpler “Treehouse” episode and relies more on clever writing than great scenery.

Treehouse of Terror VII (1996)

Coming when the show was still in its glory days, Part VII features some of the best clips in the history of “Treehouse of Horror.” a Deleted user They had nothing but good things to say when they wrote “surprised that no one mentions ‘Citizen Kang’ from Season 8… It’s a classic example of clever and poignant writing.”

After delivering two scary clips at the top of the show, the finale of VII becomes a clever falsification of the American electoral system and is in fact one of the scariest moments the show has ever given. Memorably unforgettable, evil alien Kang’s running for public office is a moment etched forever in the minds of fanatics. Simpsons fans.

Treehouse of Terror (1990)

Not only did the Tree House of Horror introduce the annual tradition, it also introduced the unforgettable villains Kang and Kodos. user Archers He went on to the classics with their pick, saying “First House in the Horror Tree is still my favorite.”

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Although the writers were still building the idea, the part parodying Poe’s poem “The Raven” was a stroke of absolute genius. Taking on such a familiar literary work was a fine choice for the first episode, and helped establish “The Treehouse of Horror” as a tradition, much like Poe’s classic works.

Treehouse of Horror IV (1993)

It took a few tries to get the formula right, but with “Treehouse of Horror IV” the annual tradition had made real progress. user Twisted username She finalized with their favorite, saying “I would say my favorite is Treehouse of Horror IV, where the devil changed his head into a donut.”

Dig deep for a parody of the classic movie, Satan and Daniel WebsterThe episode also gave viewers one of the most memorable moments featuring Mr. Burns as Dracula. Parody is one thing, but it’s the clever way things can be learned Simpsons Combined characters is what sets IV apart from the rest.

Treehouse of Horror V (1994)

“Treehouse” episodes are usually judged on their own as separate episodes, and some “Treehouse” installments exceed their category and are recognized as the best in the entire series. user Lifty Agitator Practically their favorite screamed when they said “Treehouse V! This also includes Time and Punishment, which is probably my favorite Simpsons thing ever.”

If there’s one moment in the decades-old “Treehouse of Horror” series that has stuck in viewers’ minds, it’s a very hilarious parody. the shining In episode five, seeing Homer slowly morph into a twisted version of Jack Torrance’s humorous and trademark, smashing Fourth Wall jokes by groundskeeper Willie almost quote the movie itself.

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