10 Hidden Details Fans Always Misunderstand Captain America

Captain America: New World Order, the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga, is currently in the early stages of development. Sam Wilson picks up the cloak to move forward from Steve Rogers, but aside from the cap holding the shield, there are some subtleties the audience ignores.

Based on their respective backgrounds, how they hold to themselves, their ideologies, and their connection to the superhero community, there are a lot of assumptions made about the duo that are either unfounded or misplaced. It’s important to get rid of any of these curiosities before the movie’s release to make sure fans really get to know the characters.

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Steve Rogers as an artist

Captain America Steve Rogers Drawing

Audiences may remember that Steve Rogers was for a while quite the artist, spending some of his time touring as the iconic Captain America with his head stuck in his notebook. This particular hobby is never touched upon again, but comic book fans will know that Steve has always identified as an artist.

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The natural assumption is that he fell in love with his art, or maybe he just used the creative outlet as a way to pass the time. But really, Rogers wasn’t given the time and opportunity to honestly pursue his passion. Perhaps after retirement, he will get a chance to pick up the pencil again, a personal rhythm recently explored in Captain America: Guard of Freedom Being.

Sam Wilson’s fight with the shield

Sam Wilson holding the shield of Captain America in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson is fast becoming a highlight of the current MCU era. Falcon and the Winter Soldier It follows his journey of becoming the new Captain America, a role he totally deserved. But there is some misunderstanding about his reluctance to become this icon.

As explored throughout the show, the role of Captain America meant something different to everyone. When Sam decided to carry the shield, he did so to honor his good friend Steve, but also to become something new. He is still reluctant to be a version of Rogers, as John Walker was trying to be, but now he is comfortable leaving his unique legacy; On the contrary, some may not even notice.

Sam family

Sam and Sarah talk outside the bank at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Many were confused by the retcon who witnessed the introduction of the Wilson family in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There has been some speculation that the family has become distant, or that Wilson simply has not done enough to ensure that his relationships are as strong as possible.

Like any other hero, Wilson would keep his loved ones at arm’s length in order to protect them. The hawk has become a public figure, and it is only when life seems to stabilize for a moment that the public finally sees him in that very environment. He understands the responsibility and his brothers have spoken with Rogers about the isolation he previously felt from his sacrifices.

Peggy Carter and destiny

Peggy Carter walks with Steve Rogers behind her in Captain America: The First Avenger

It’s a joke that’s been circulating for a while, that Steve Rogers actually changed history by traveling through time and meeting Peggy Carter. A former SHIELD agent has already been documented talking about her husband, whom Rogers apparently rescued during a rebellious rescue skirmish in Captain America: The First Avenger.

But this may be a misinterpretation of these subtleties. Time travel is still really confusing, with many MCU projects explaining it in slightly different terms. Peggy and Steve were always destined to be together, and it is entirely plausible that the oddity of the timeline meant that the pair that Agent Carter was referring to was actually Steve; He figuratively saved himself with this mission, and eventually lived up to his potential.

Avengers Command

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff Black Widow Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson Falcon Avengers Infinity War

There are many candidates to lead the Avengers forward. Fans have put the likes of Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel and maybe even veterans like Hawkeye or Hulk in the role. But there are subtleties that suggest Sam Wilson will actually take on Steve in more ways than one.

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Captain America was always considered the head of Earth’s most powerful hero because he didn’t want the job. Tony Stark was obsessed with leadership, but he had neither the tactical combat experience nor the humility to step into the role. Wilson in turn has a military background, is unpretentious in his skills and is in an ideal position to lead a team as evidenced by his ability to work with the likes of Bucky. The MCU seems to be slowly putting him in this position.

Steve’s adaptability

Steve Rogers is summed up as a man out of time. It is depicted as struggling to adapt to the present day, reminiscing about the past, drawing on ancient technologies and technology and still promoting an ideology that some feel is outdated. However, Captain America is one of the few characters that has shown a real evolution.

He has already adapted to every situation and adapted well to the current day. The love letters he sent to yesterday are a personal choice, as his thoughts evolve and change based on new information, but are largely framed in his true age. He did not return to the past because he failed to adapt to the present, he enjoyed this period more.

Joaquin Torres as the new Falcon

Danny Ramirez Hawk Joaquin Torres Winter Paramedic

Sam Wilson has spent a large part of his superhero career, in both the MCU and in comics, being Steve Rogers’ companion. It’s not something he publicly opposed, but it clearly did upset him, considering he was an accomplished fighter in his own right. His role as Captain America allowed him to go his own way.

Many may point to JoaquĆ­n Torres as the next hawk, with Wilson faking his own friend. But Wilson understands the burden of this kind of role and how humiliated he can be. There are subtle moments where Sam Wilson gives Torres additional agency over his choices in the field, and forms a partner rather than a sidekick; A power play that is also reflected in the increasing role of the Winter Soldier.


Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America The First Avenger

Rogers has been considered a national symbol of hope, which will serve the United States government in its darkest days. His role in World War II seems to support this statement, as Captain America puts his life on the line in the service of his boss and his country. His government suspicions about Captain America: The Winter Soldier And so it seems out of place.

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In fact, this character element has always been misunderstood. Rogers has rebelled against orders in the past and is in fact distrustful of the federal system for much of his career. His selflessness was not out of loyalty to a regime or government but on behalf of his beloved nation itself. His problems with security in winter soldier and later Civil war Continuing to align with previous ideologies.

Steve’s reluctance

Captain America in the MCU

Steve Rogers made the Captain America icon what it is today. Most people would assume he was very proud of that and always thought he was the right guy for the job. In fact, Rogers struggled with what it meant to carry a shield and was hesitant about it being a symbol of hope.

He is just a man. One that is boosted by Super Soldier serum. There is a modesty in form, which even led him to walk away from the Captain America title when he felt he could no longer represent the people better. Others might also struggle to carry on that legacy, but as much as he made it seem, it wasn’t easy for Steve either.

Sam and Bucky Bond

Sam and Bucky stare at each other in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Wilson is set to face a new set of villains in his upcoming release and Bucky Barnes is sure to be along for the ride. Their relationship has been shaky and the natural assumption for many is that Sam is jealous of the relationship that Winter Soldier and Captain America have built from their shared past.

Perhaps this plays a small role, but Wilson isn’t quick to trust him. He feels uneasy about Bucky because of the danger he can pose to Steve Rogers, the person he has helped himself with regarding his mental health. The damage this face from yesterday could cause could be irreparable. As Bucky and Sam close in, the mistrust still lurks beneath the surface, but is subtly replaced by a new bond.

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