Andrea parallel to Rosetta’s walk disturbs her death in season eleven

A bizarre comparison between Rosetta and Andrea previously hints at getting the final comic death scene in the walking Dead Season 11. Andrea TV description, which was not long and unpopular, was far from the original the walking Dead The comic books, where Andrea becomes famous for her progression skills and develops into captain Rick Grimes in Alexandria. Andrea eventually dies after Beta unleashes a zombie flock in Alexandria – an event already adapted the walking Dead Season 10. While her group is leading the flock away, Andrea is bitten while saving Eugene. She bravely ignores the injury and completes her mission regardless, then reunites with Rick before he takes over.

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Rosetta’s Christian Serratos has a lot in common with Andrea from the walking DeadComic books. Both characters possess a warrior-like quality, but remain morally resolute, while maintaining their principles and values. Equally, Rosetta and Andrea adopt maternal roles during the zombie apocalypse, with Rosita becoming the birth mother of Coco and Andrea to Carl Grimes. the walking Dead Season 11, Episode 22 draws another parallel when you tell Carol Rosetta, “You and Gabriel are our best. the walking Dead Season 11 ends.

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Why does Rosetta make sense to get Andrea’s The Walking Dead scene

the walking Dead He often has famous comedic moments mixed in using different live-action characters, so Andrea’s death scene is definitely unprecedented. Check current status the walking Dead The Commonwealth Arc in Season 11, the conditions of comic death in Andrea actually proportional to Rosetta Espinosa amazingly amazing. For beginners, Andrea was bitten while saving Eugene – a character that carried a little personal attachment to a simple friendship. Rosita has been bitten while saving Eugene in live work will have a great emotional influence, as the husband first appeared in the walking Dead Together they have been virtually inseparable ever since.

While Beta and whisper were defeated long ago, the walking Dead Season 11 also has the ingredients needed to re -create Andrea’s black and white demise. previously, the walking Dead Pamela Milton used a way to summon zombies called “B14”. While Alexandrians are preparing to attack its community, Pamela is likely to ask the neighborhoods again. Rosetta’s daughter is still missing after her arrest, so if Pamela brought a crowd to the Commonwealth, Rosetta and Yugin can volunteer in a practical leadership to drive away as Coco’s protection. Rosetta may receive a bite, but the soldiers are courageously cling to until the danger is avoided, thus honoring Andrea’s death in the original movie Robert Kirkman. the walking Dead a story. Rosetta could die alongside Gabriel just as Andrea died by Rick.

Why Andrea Walking Died In Season Three

The walking dead Andrea

Talking whether Rosita can experience the same death that Andrea suffered from the walking DeadThe cartoon raises the question of why Andrea died much earlier than its counterpart in the source material. This is largely due to how AMC the walking Dead Changing the characterization of Andrea. Robert Kirkman’s creation is heroic, strong, reliable, and a tough ingredient. the walking DeadEarly seasons are framed by Andrea as a bit of disturbing responsibility, whether by accidentally shooting Daril Dixon, or throwing her support behind the evil ruler. Fans fans against Andrea in the walking Deadand actress Laurie Holden claims (via DigitalspyThe decision to kill her personality was taken in the third season for the purpose of the shock value alone.

Somewhat ominously to the walking DeadJ Rosita, Season 11 finds itself unable to use the special comic end of the character, as Rosita was supposed to be one of the heads that Alpha placed on Pike. to leave the walking Dead With a character where there is no death scene, and the scene of the iconic death has no personality. Looking at the current similarities, the delivery of the comic death of Andrea to Rosetta appears to be a clear solution.

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