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New Criterion Collection movies are constantly being released, and the entire library is now standing by about 1500 moviesWhether it’s on DVD, Blu-ray or box set, there’s something to satisfy all tastes. The Criterion Collection has the industry’s most dedicated genres working around the clock to produce beautifully restored films, and their impressive film collection is a testament to the history of cinema. The huge amount of high-quality versions is great, but to help you choose from some great options, we’ve done some research on the best versions of the new standards set. lets take alook.

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When is the Night of the Living Dead criteria set available?

Night of the Living Dead It is a brilliantly filmed horror film directed by legendary George A. Romero. This was Romero’s first attempt at a feature film, and it has since become a classic horror film credited with setting the tone for the zombie genre. Romero produced in 1968, filmed and directed it Night of the Living Dead On a budget in suburban Pittsburgh, with a daring band of determinedly determined filmmakers who have made their mark on the genre. Released October 4th, this Standard Collection Restoration has been restored by the Museum of Modern Art and the Film Foundation, with additional funding from the George Lucas Family Foundation. The restoration was completed in 4K, which was overseen by Romero himself, along with screenwriters John A. Russo, Gary R. Strainer and Russell W. Strainer. There are a plethora of special features that include audio commentary by Romero, working typography editing for the film, a daily sixteen mm reel, and software about the film’s style and score. This is definitely one for horror fans.

Night of the Living Dead set of standards.

The Criterion suite is known for the huge amount of special features it adds to its releases, and that’s definitely the case for the new Missing highway Release. Available for purchase from October 11, the new edition of the Criteria collection Missing highway Includes a feature-length documentary, “Beautiful as a Picture: The Art of David Lynch” by Toby Keeler and featuring Lynch and his longtime partners Angelo Badalamenti, Barry Gifford, and Mary Sweeney. There is also something for audiophiles as an alternative uncompressed stereo audio track is also included in the special features. Alternate artwork by Fred Davis means this standards set version is a must.

Missing highway set of standards

Sound of Metal is a story about Riz Ahmed, the drummer of the noise metal duo who slowly, but surely, loses his hearing and becomes deaf. It is a journey of self-discovery as Reese needs to learn how to navigate life as a deaf person, who eventually realizes how rich and nurturing the deaf community is, but not before going through many turbulent episodes. metal sound Totally immersive, and thanks to its acoustic design, we take Reese’s journey through exposure and lack of noise. Released on September 27, the new standards set version of metal sound Includes 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio Soundtrack, which is worth the money alone.

metal sound set of standards

Does Wong Kar Wai Have The Best Blu-ray Collection From The Criterion Collection?

Wong Kar Wai is a Hong Kong director known for his beautiful films, with great atmospheric scores, stunning cinematography, and interesting non-linear narrations. The Criterion group focused on Wong Kar Wai’s work and showed their appreciation for his work by assembling one of the group’s Blu-ray sets. “World of Wong Kar Wai” is a collection of 9 films, restored in 4K, that really enhances the amazing cinematography for which the director is famous. If you like to dip your toes, in the mood for love Released on the 1st of November. A romantic movie set in Hong Kong in the 1960s, this marked a milestone in Wong’s career, releasing a painfully beautiful set of standards.

In The Mood for Love Criterion Collection.

Is Kiyoshi Kurosawa the best Japanese horror director?

medicine It is a wonderful horror film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and helped establish him as one of the leading figures in Japanese horror. Cure Center follows Detective Takabe through the headache of murders committed by different individuals, but endures a very similar execution method. And so a cat-and-mouse game of cat-and-mouse breaks out with a sinister adversary who is bent on murder. The Criterion Collection released this 1997 horror movie on the 18th of October with an interesting set of special features that include a 2003 interview with the director himself.

Cure Criterion Collection on Amazon.

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