Ex-Sixir breaks silence over his trade for Tobias Harris


Tobias Harris #12 of the Philadelphia 76ers.

In front of the Phoenix Suns Monday night, the Philadelphia 76ers welcomed some familiar faces back into town. On the wing was Michael Bridges, the Philadelphia native who played college ball on the road at Villanova and was recruited by the Sixers in 2018, only to be flipped into the desert before the night was over. Dario Saric, another operation disqualified, had three minutes of action against the Sixers as well.

But Bridges and Saric weren’t the only former Sixers who were fit for the Suns on Monday night. For just over 11 minutes, Landry Shamet took the floor against his former team. In 2018, the Sixers drafted Shamet with the 26th pick, only to ship it to the Los Angeles Clippers 54 games later in a deal that brought back Tobias Harris.

Looking back, Chamet has no regrets about ending his time in Philadelphia, and opening up about it. K Carlin from Sixers Wire on Monday.

“I told myself in this situation that I played myself in being a commercial asset for a deal like that,” Chamet said. “That can add value to yourself for sure, but in the end, that’s not where affirmation is to be looked for. I think it’s created by what you do every day in the grand scheme of things. Either way, it happened, and this is a ball Basketball. That’s doing that. I’m grateful that it happened so early on. Just so you can get a sense of what it’s supposed to be like, how the league is, and it all plays the way it’s supposed to.”

Chamet’s advice from J.J. Riddick

In Philadelphia, Schmidt was promoted primarily for his powerful shooting ability. With his 54 games in Philadelphia, he hit Wichita State Shocker 40% of his three Average of 4.5 attempts per game. His 8.3 points per game were especially useful when he was off the bench, ensuring him more than 20 minutes of play each night useful.

But one reason Shamet was finally dealt with is that the Sixers already had a three-point maestro on the list: JJ Redick. But Schmidt remembers a pep talk he got from Riddick after a particularly stressful day at the office.

“I remember playing a game in Memphis that year,” Chamett explained. “I think it was the day we traded with Jimmy (Butler) and we had like nine guys or something, short list, and it went like 1 for 11 out of 3. I was so pissed, mad, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, we’re in The locker room is after that and JJ comes to me like ‘Dude! You got up (expletive) 11 sockets in an NBA game! (expletive) Congratulations man! That’s cool!’ Being able to shed some light on things.”

Chamet has bounced around the league since leaving Philly

Since Philadelphia packaged him in a trade to Los Angeles, Chamet has struggled to find a long-term home. In addition to the Sixers, Clippers, and Suns, he also played for the Brooklyn Nets. And he wasn’t quite able to get past the 10.3 points per game which he’s been averaging as a beginner ever since.

But through it all, Chamet carried his memories of Philadelphia. According to the guard, there is only an appreciation for the city of brotherly love.

“Every time I come back to the city I feel like I feel at home. It was the first place I played, they molded me, they gave me my chance here in the league. Thankful for that, so much love for the fans, always. It’s a city that definitely influenced me and I’m always grateful to be back. “.


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