10 Scariest A24 Horror Villains, ranked

thanks for the A24, Horror got a unique transformation in 2010. The film company distributed several unique projects with unique and annoying antagonists. Pearl He is one of the newest villains to come out of A 24. She is someone he fears and sympathizes with because of her fears and dangerous behavior.

She, along with other opponents of this production company, knows how to frighten audiences with their annoying actions and semi-realistic behavior that can make one fear how easy it is to face characters like them in real life.

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Ada’s Father – Lamb (2021)

Ram man shooting a gun at Lamb

Pregnancy He sees a couple coping with the loss of their child when they discover a strange human/sheep hybrid born on their farm. They named her Ada, and raised her as their own in this bizarre horror story of family drama.

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Part of the drama is dealing with her biological parents. Although her mother is easy to get along with, her father is something else. It’s less constant antagonists and a more ambiguous existence all the time, with only Ada realizing. He watches everything from afar before finally interfering. He has a frightening appearance and even justified motives. He searches for his daughter but forces her out of her new family. It’s true that her adoptive parents aren’t innocent either, so he might have thought they needed to suffer.

Black Phillip – The Witch (2015)

Black Philip from The Witch 2015

the witch This is a baffling film about a Puritan family who is haunted by a supernatural force that lives in the nearby woods. What lurks there is a group of magicians who serve in the shadow of Satan.

Black Phillip is nothing but a spectator throughout most of the movie, yet he still gives off a suspicious presence given how piled he is that he may know more about what’s going on than expected. His actual appearance is never fully revealed, but it’s probably for the better because he already appears as a dangerous and dangerous character quietly lurking. He is an unforgettable villain with subtle ways he manipulates the family and allows them to take care of each other before magically pursuing the remaining member.

Darcy – The Green Room (2015)

Patrick Stewart as Darcy

After a punk band witnesses a murder in the bar they’re performing, the staff keeps them imprisoned to keep things quiet and hope to be a scapegoat for their illegal activities.

Patrick Stewart plays Darcy The green room. He is the owner of the place where everything happens. Darcy first gives the impression that someone is trying to defuse the situation. In fact, he is no one’s friend and has no problems making his hostages suffer if they refuse to comply with his wishes. He’s a cold, calculating villain with malicious intent that comes to the surface when hostages try to make their way to freedom. They can only fear for their lives when he tells them there is no escape.

Men – Men (2022)

Rory Kinnear in men

in men, A woman named Harper does her best to deal with a tragedy by taking a trip to the English countryside. Arriving there, she encounters several men who may well mean well at first but have more faces than similar ones.

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The males residing in the local area are horrified by a stifling behavior that escalates throughout. They make it impossible for Harper to process her complex feelings due to her need to present their outdated views on the matter. As mentioned briefly, they also have the same face, which makes watching even more unpleasant when they are both attracted to her and ensures that she doesn’t leave the territory. All of this is terrifying but it’s also a witty metaphor for using vulnerable women as scapegoats.

Howard Howe – Tusk (2014)

Howard Howe in Kevin Smith's Fang

Kevin Smith wrote and directed this brutal movie about a man who takes another hostage as he makes a rude suit for his prisoner to wear.

Howard Hao is the opponent in tusk. He takes the character of Doctor Frankenstein in this crazy situation that shaped him. The guilt-ridden man has left his guilt behind because he ate an old walrus-feeding friend to lure victims into his home in hopes of turning them into a replacement for Mr. Tusk. His delusions make a troublesome villain dedicated to reuniting his mate. His muddled mind prevents him from seeing how wrong all of this is because he only wishes for a strange form of closure, no matter how many people would need to suffer to make it happen.

“Chris” – the hole in the ground (2019)

Chris looking out the window

the hole in the ground She has a single mother named Sarah who moves to a new city with her son Chris when they face the honorary hole. Then, I noticed that something might be wrong with Chris when he shows some strange behavior.

Scary children are a common trope in horror, and it can be difficult to come up with something new for this concept. On the other hand, “Chris” is a scary villain with his rigid behavior and sudden outbursts. The reason behind his annoying behavior is later revealed when Sarah sees who (or better yet, what) he really is, which makes him even more terrifying. Although the film lacks originality, it is still excellent at showing themes of parental fears through this scary boy.

Paimon – Hereditary (2018)

Peter with a bandage on his nose in hereditary

hereditary It was A 24 It became an instant classic as it showed the anxiety of a family trying to come to terms with the deaths of two families possibly connected to something supernatural.

Paimon is an antagonist of the Graham family and the audience is unaware of him at first. He became more famous after the second death in the family which led to terrible choices fueled by grief. He is behind every terrible situation and keeps escalating everything. Each event comes from left field, such as owning family members and chasing the cult of followers. The Demon Lord carries an ominous presence whether or not he is using someone as a ship. All that is needed are unexplainable events to let everyone know its existence.

Thomas Wick – The Lighthouse (2019)

Willem Dafoe's Crazy Lighthouse

beacon It is a surreal movie where two men tend to a beacon as they slowly lose their minds and confront their past sins.

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The Messy movie has an equally chaotic antagonist in Thomas Wake. He and Ephraim Winslow go crazy while they’re there, but Wake has his own level of insanity. What makes him especially scary is that there is no certainty about his identity or his motives. Is Wake just an arrogant boss who enjoys scolding Winslow? Is it a deathbed illusion for the younger man? It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but Wake is an unsettling person who must be isolated, which makes him even more terrifying. He has an unpredictable set of emotions and is prone to violent outbursts if things don’t go his way.

The Harga – Midsommar (2019) movie

Woman holding Danny's face screaming at Midsmar

Midsmar It is the disturbing story of modern horror director Ari Astor as Danny Ardor struggles with her grief and relationship with her emotionally unavailable boyfriend. When they visit a Swedish community with their friends, they find solace.

The bad guys here are critical. They are biblical examples of a religious cult because they take advantage of Dany’s vulnerable condition by making her feel welcome. When they don’t, they use others as sacrifices for their own horrific ritual. What makes Hargo so intimidating is that, at first, they seem to lead an idyllic lifestyle where they get along with everyone, but it is later revealed that they have an unconventional and wonderful, yet equally terrifying life. The realization of this comes from quirky situations, which makes it more attractive to potential followers. They are dangerous manipulators who feel they do nothing wrong, even when murdered.

The Pearl – X (2022) and The Pearl (2022)

Pearl as a young and old woman

Pearl Adds layers to the villain introduced in the slasher movie X. She is someone who believes that she has not lived life to the fullest and feels that her isolation is inevitable.

Pearl is a horror movie villain that people can relate to on a certain level. She put her dreams aside to focus on her family and married a man she hoped would make it happen for her when that wasn’t the case. Her sense of alienation follows her into her old age, with the only joy that comes from hurting others. She is a troubled individual who makes the most of life, which sometimes means ending life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of adult filmmakers or her family. No one can stop Pearl’s wrath, making her a truly terrifying and frightening A24 villain.

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