90 Day Fiancé’s Molly celebrates over two years’ journey with BF Kelly

It’s been two years since Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown became an item, and 90 Day Fiancé star is celebrating a huge celebration by posting on IG.

It’s been two years since then 90 days fiancé Stars Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown have become an item, and celebrated their wedding anniversary with a heartwarming social media post. Fans met Molly 90 days fiancé The fifth season, which marked her marriage to Luis Mendes. The former couple tied the knot in July 2017 but separated in May 2018, after several shocking arguments. After the split, she became Molly pillow talk feeling. She also embarked on a weight loss journey and returned to reality TV 90 Days: Single Life. Molly finds love again with Kelly, a police officer brave enough to slip into her principals.

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to begin with, 90 days fiancé Fans were unsure about Kelly and his intentions towards Molly. However, they now see him as an amazing partner for her. Molly is also happy about the relationship and she and Kelly’s two-year journey was celebrated, via a cute Instagram post. reality tv star sire I shared a picture of her and my agent from a pillow talk episode. I wrote in the comment of the post, “My over 2 year journey with @kelbk4ever has been filled with many unforgettable moments. This picture pretty much sums up our entire relationship, many funny moments and WTF.” Molly added that laughing with a partner is really important, and one should find laughter even during the crazy times. The 90 days fiancé The star concluded by thanking Kelly for being such a great friend.

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90 Days fiancé lovers congratulate Molly on her wedding anniversary

Molly Hopkins and boyfriend Kelly Brown of 90 days: single life

Many of Molly’s friends and fans have taken to the comments section of the post to congratulate her and Kelly on their historic celebration. One fan described the couple as a favorite to watch, and expressed their happiness at finding each other. Another fan said it was easy to see the love between Molly and Kelly. She joked enthusiastic fans that they won’t have to give Kelly a dickie shoutout as long as he keeps Molly happy and treats her like the queen that she is. A third fan agreed that laughter is essential and thanked Molly and Kelly for bringing so much laughter into viewers’ lives. Finally, another fan said they are happy for Molly and Kelly’s anniversary. They added that they are happy that she has found love and partnership because she has been a shining light in the world.

It’s understandable why Molly’s fans are so excited about her. They watched her unlucky in love and enduring a worrying time in her marriage to Louis. However, despite those torments, Molly remained defiant and sought love again, which led to her meeting and communicating with Kelly online. Kelly’s interest in Molly was immediate, which many fans felt was pretentious and just a ploy to take advantage of Molly. 90 days fiancé Fame. However, this has proven to be a far cry from the case since then, as the lovebirds have blossomed into wonderful partners. With Molly and Kelly celebrating their second anniversary as a married couple, many of their fans hope to take their relationship even further by getting engaged and tying the knot.

at recent days , 90 days fiancé The star sparked rumors of her marriage to Kelly after her daughter Olivia shared photos taken in Hawaii showing that she looks great in white. After seeing the footage, some fans wondered if Molly had tied the knot with Kelly and advised her to wear a similar outfit whenever she did. Molly hasn’t responded to the comments, but her recent post for Kelly’s 2nd anniversary proves that they haven’t yet tied the knot but are still together as BFFs. Only time will tell if the lovebirds take their relationship to the next level.

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source: Molly Hopkins/ Instagram

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