Doc Rivers releases a one-word answer on the Sixers’ early struggle

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Doc Rivers

Joel Embiid joked that Philadelphia’s 76th season didn’t start until his return from a three-game absence on November 7. He scored 33 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a 100-88 win that Doc Rivers described as “slow” due to her physical and defensive nature.

The Sixers improved his record to 5-6 and cut a two-game losing streak. Two days later, Rivers expanded on what Monday night’s win meant and how close it came to getting into a good groove. Next, Rivers released a one-word answer about the team’s early struggles.

“It’s been a very erratic year—is that a word? I don’t even know if it’s a word?—but if that’s a word, that’s what we’ve had so far, with men going in and out,” Rivers told reporters. “Now the guys are playing and you can feel our rhythm coming on and that’s a good thing.”

(Editor’s note: Yes, not a word cadence. It literally means “not rhythmic. Not rhythmically. Irregular steps.”)

Rivers stopped calling it a turning point – the head coach pointed out a 112-80 beat the Raptors In Toronto as another great momentum changer – and I tried to predict the future.

“I think the tipping point is coming anyway, you can feel it,” Rivers said. “You want luck in health, but we won’t have that for a while, right? Jams [Harden] He will be out for a month. it is what it is. But guys feel it, you can feel like we’re starting to get to know each other, start to get into our rhythm.”

Rivers wants to play Therese Maxi in paint

Rivers were very critical Therese Maxi After winning Monday night. He didn’t call it a bad performance, but he gave an off-stream rating and complained about the Maxi’s lack of aggressiveness. He wants the third year guard out of Kentucky to hit the paint and attack.

“I didn’t think Terrace played much paint,” Rivers told reporters on Wednesday. “I showed him a movie today, about six times where he had no business not getting to paint and he didn’t, it was one of those games.”

Maxi went 4 of 18 from the field against Phoenix for 11 points while hitting 6 assists. He seemed to be trying to play the facilitator a lot with James Harden out. Rivers said he was “pre-setting” the passes rather than letting them fly. Everyone at The Sixers knows that Maxey is at his best when cutting buckets.

“I see Teresa as a playmaker, as a scorer,” said Paul Reed. “I think he’s getting better on the defensive side as well but…man, this guy can score the ball, I also think he’s one of our top scorers in the team, and he’s going to keep getting better and better as the season goes on.”

Sixers are still growing, communicating and getting better

James Harden is out for a month due to a tendon strain in his right foot. Joel Embiid missed three straight games with the flu. PJ Tucker had knee surgery before training camp. All of that – along with a bunch of new starters and spare parts – made the Sixers try to build chemistry quickly.

Confess to Daniel House There were growing pains, but everyone expected it. The most important thing is their growth. They finally started to communicate and bond as a team after 11 games together.

“It’s still a work in progress,” House said. “We’re still young, we’re still growing, but we show your growth because we talk, we adjust, we communicate, we get better – it just takes time.”


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