Lakers rumors: Los Angeles proposed commercial lands for Spencer Dinwiddy, Christian Wood and Reggie Bullock for Anthony Davis


Lakers star Anthony Davis guards Clippers guard Luke Kennard

In a November 8 article titled “Lakes Star Anthony Davis’ Landing Zones and Trade Packages,” Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers trade All-Star Anthony Davis eight times with the Dallas Mavericks.

In the Hughes virtual trade, the Lakers shipped Davis to the Mavericks in exchange for Christian Wood, Spencer Dinwiddie and Reggie Bullock, unprotected first-round picks in 2025, 2027 and 2029 and first-round swap rights in 2024, 2026 and 2028.

“Los Angeles will be in the draft again, adding three high-end alternating pieces that can shoot,” Hughes Wrote. “It’s not entirely fair to think of it that way, but sending Davis to get a package like this would make the Lakers almost perfect again by replacing a lot of the shots they lost to get AD in the first place. Since they’re coming from Dallas, the The choices aren’t as valuable as the ones LA sent to New Orleans. But winning the championship in 2020 makes the whole process worthwhile.”

Hughes’ proposed trade comes on the heels of Bill Simmons of The Ringer saying on the November 7 episode of his podcast that he heard some fanfare that Davis might be available in trade talks. Lakers 2-9 per season and Davis Shooting only 26.7% from behind the bow.

“There’s some commotion, just some bell that might be available to announce,” Simmons said in his podcast. “That’s Plan B because the (Russell) Westbrook deal, or what they can get from Westbrook, whether you want to give away future assets, it probably doesn’t make sense for the Lakers.”

The Lakers will get 3 bowlers for Davis

Wood, Dinwiddy and Bullock can shoot well from 3-point range and the Lakers desperately need more bowlers around superstar LeBron James. Los Angeles is last in the NBA with 3 percentage points, Shooting only 29.3% as a team.

the wood Shooting 46.2% of Beyond the Arc this seasonDinwiddie is shooting 40.0% and Pollock shooting 30.2%. Bullock is a 38.3% shooter from downtown, so odds are he’ll improve his 3-point hit as the season progresses. Additionally, he played with James on the Lakers during the 2018-19 season, so he already has a relationship with LeBron.

Getting three bowlers for Davis wouldn’t be such a bad move for the Lakers. Wood and Dinwiddie can also put the ball on the ground and create their own shot of dribbling, relieving James to do everything offensively for LakeShow.

Wood, 27, is averaging 15.6 points and 7.8 rebounds this season, while Dinwiddy, 29, is averaging 16.9 points and 4.4 assists. The Lakers are allowed to replace Davis with the Mavericks for Wood, Dinwiddy and Bullock Under CBA Rules.

The Lakers have to make a deal

The Lakers have to either trade Davis or 2016-17 MVP Russell Westbrook. If General Manager Rob Pelinka wants to keep Davis by James’ side, he should send Westbrook to the Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz or San Antonio Spurs.

The Lakers can get Buddy Heald and Miles Turner from the Pacers, Josh Richardson and Doug McDermott from Tottenham or Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson and Rudy Jay from the Jazz.

for what it’s worth, Chris Haynes from the Bleacher Report It was reported on November 10 that the Lakers had received calls regarding Westbrook, who has played well since coming off the bench. Haynes also reported that Los Angeles is not interested in trading with Davis, who shares the same dealership as James.


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