The Deeper Meaning of Luthen’s Amazing Monologue in Andor Episode 10

warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Andor Episode Andor In Episode 10, Luthen Rael gives a brutal monologue that talks not only about his personal sacrifices but also about the dark origins of the rebellion. Andor Season 1, Episode 10, “One Way Out”, reveals that Luthen has a mole – Lonni Jung – that is an integral part of the Imperial Security Bureau. The two agree to meet when Lonni expresses his desire to leave Luthen and his ISB job, fearing for his life and that of his new family. This prompts Luthen to share everything he has sacrificed in the 15 years since the Empire came to power.

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The entire monologue in Andor Episode 10 is a chance for the audience to understand who Luthen really is in star Wars Canon as a major founder of the future revolution. When Lonni asked him what he sacrificed, Luthen’s response was “everything“He means everything. And that includes whatever degree of sympathy and decency he alludes to before the days of the Empire. For idolat he is.”Doomed to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them“as evidenced by his deliberate attempts to make the Empire more oppressive in order to incite further rebellion. As this monologue proves, Luthen dynamically reshapes perceptions of rebellion and its origins. It never began with the heroes, and Luthen proves that it cannot be r.

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The soliloquy of Lothin Andor shows the true cost of the Star Wars Rebellion

Luthen and Lonni in Andor Episode 10

Unfortunately, Andor Luton Rael knows what it really takes to start and sustain a rebellion. After realizing that he wouldn’t be the one to enjoy the rewards, he still sacrificed himself entirely for the cause. It takes giving everything for a rebellion to succeed, and he knows it. It’s also the reason for his constant search for potential heroes like Cassian Andor and Lonni Jung, whom he helped raise the ranks at the ISB to make him a better detective within the Empire. Luthen needs heroes because it has to be the furthest thing from one another. He makes tough and darker choices like letting 50 men die to prevent the Empire’s suspicion of Lonnie.

Especially in its infancy, the cost of the rebel in star Wars Too high. It had to be, in the face of the Empire’s might and widespread oppression. Had it not been for the idol Rael and his ilk who were willing to sacrifice everything, the rebellion would never have developed into something brighter that had more choice about how they would fight the Empire.

Luthen’s Andor Episode 10 Monologue Makes the Rebel Alliance an even bigger miracle

Proven in the lower levels of Coruscant, someone with grim motives like Luthen Rael had to be there for the Rebel Cells to gain any kind of attraction and eventually form the alliance. Given the true cost as Luthen puts it, it’s a miracle that the rebellion got together in the first place. He saw the first appearance of Guerrera in Andor An extreme emerges speaking with Luthen, speaking to the fact that while many want to fight and resist the Empire, he believes they will remain disjointed due to all of their tactics, ideals, and views on the fate of the galaxy in the aftermath. . This was why Luthen had been pressing the Empire so much to make it worse, hoping that further persecution would make a united cause. Rebels like Luthen had to be there to give birth to the Rebellion as it is known in the original trilogy.

Lothen Andor’s letter is linked to more Star Wars characters

Cassian and Jin in Rogue One Ending

One of Luthen Rael’s most attractive lines is his belief that he’s burning his life for a sunrise that he knows he’ll never see. This carries links to the end Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Cassian Andor and Jin Erso die, they sacrifice their lives so that the rebels will have a fighting chance against the Death Star. Likewise, much of what Luthen says about sacrificing kindness and decency can be applied to Senator Moon Muthma as well. After all, she is currently considering marrying off her daughter to the son of a thug in exchange for keeping her financial transactions secret from the eyes of the empire. While Mun Muthma ends up becoming one of the illustrious leaders of the rebellion and later chancellor of the New Republic, she is also learning the true cost of the rebellion’s cause, a cause Luthen was making long before the events of Andor.

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