Darvin Hamm puts Lakers informed after latest loss

Darvin Hamm, Los Angeles Lakers

Nothing appears to be working for the Los Angeles Lakers at the moment, so it’s no surprise that they’ve fallen into their hands The 10th loss of the season at the hands of the Sacramento Kings on November 11.

Speaking to the media after the match, coach Darvin Hamm made his team awareand identify the mistakes made by his players that are likely to swing the game in favor of Sacramento.

“Self-mistakes. Whether we’re fouling, losing a mission or turning the ball around. Again, we have to be better, we have to train them harder, train them better. Just make sure we’re communicating clearly, so we can put them in a position to succeed.” “We have 70 matches left, but at some point we have to stop saying that, right? We have to start putting the proof in the candy,” Hamm told reporters.

After winning just two games in their first 12 competitions, the Lakers are bottoming out the Western Conference standings, and even at this early stage of the season, it looks like the purples and golds will have a tough battle to return to the championship. After the season the first time he asks.

Lonnie Walker IV Heaps Praise On Anthony Davis

During a post-match press conference, Lonnie Walker IV took a moment to pay tribute to Lakers star, Anthony Davis, after his victory 24 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 3 rebounds per performance.

“When there are two or three minutes left, we should give it to the big dog and let him run. That’s his team and we’re going to ride it until the wheels fall off,” Walker said.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, it’s not their superstars who have been struggling to make an impact this season, but instead the players are still figuring out their niche in the chart and rotation. With no peripheral imaging, and a front court devoid of depth, there’s a great deal of pressure on LeBron James, Davis, and Russell Westbrook every night, and for one reason or another, something just isn’t clicking.

Unhappy Playing Center Anthony Davis

During the first 12 games of the season, Davis held the quarterback for the Lakers, tasked with protecting top opponents and protecting the edge with his size and jumping ability. However, during a press conference on November 9, Davis spoke about his ability to better impact the game when playing as a forward force along with an edge protection center.

“I was able to get around a lot, I was playing the four then, JaVale (McGee) was playing the five, and Dwight (Howard) was playing the five. You know, guarding the ocean and putting these guys behind me, or the barren side helping me, we were getting blocks from the weak side. Now, when I’m the five, I’m the one doing the actions, the pick-and-roll, the one guarding the post – stuff like that…in 19-20, I’m running around, when I can be with anyone the attacker roams around and helps protect everyone, It’s hard for me to do that when I’m guarding the five,” Davis said.

Unless the Lakers find a center running the edges via trade or free agency, it looks like Davis will still be the team’s starting center, and while that may not be his preferred position, he does a solid job running the quarterback when he’s healthy.


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