Losses for the Sixers’ summer roster seem far from skeptical amid a fresh start


Charles Bassey #23 of the Philadelphia 76ers.

It wasn’t long ago that Charles Bassey was cheering for the Philadelphia 76ers sitting on the bench. The former big guy at Western Kentucky University spent one season with The Sixers: his rookie year, last season. During that run, Bassi fired nearly 64 percent of the field, albeit in just 23 games.

But with this season approaching, the Sixers faced an on-going crisis. After carrying over the 15-player maximum set by the league, the Sixers cut Bassey. This move was not a surprise. Basie was the low on the centers-only totem column that included Joel Embiid, Paul Tucker, Montrezel Harrell and Paul Reed as players capable of playing the five.

Now stop me if you’ve heard this before: A Sixers roster victim thrives in a new place. With the San Antonio Spurs this season, Bassi actually doubled his points total last season and showed some (minor) pieces in the playmaking industry. On November 12, Pacey took to social media to share a message for the skeptics.

“They did not believe in us, God did!!!” Bassie tweeted.

Top behind Basse’s excellent start with Tottenham

So far, Bassey has received great reviews from coaches at the Lone Star State. After smashing a brief stint at the G-League Coach, Greg Popovich explained that Spurs are re-evaluating Bassey’s role.

“He went in and played two G League games, scored a thousand points, and it was like, OK, maybe we’re stupid, we should play with this guy,” Tom Petrini Ken 5 San Antonio.

Popovich detailed what Bassey brings to the table, in a review that will have Sixers fans scratching their heads.

“He’s aggressive, he’s a good defender, he moves the ball well – because he doesn’t know offensive or defensive strategy, he got caught very quickly,” Matthew Tenam from the athlete.

This begs the question: Why didn’t Pacey exhibit this in Philadelphia? The “Spears culture” is legendary. For two decades, San Antonio has been a preeminent organization, under the titles of legends on and off the ground: Coach Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Kohi Leonard, and Tony Parker. This does not include even the lesser known who have had a career at Alamo City, including ex-sexer Danny Green and current France coach Boris Diao.

The failed development of another player is not surprising and crazy at the same time.

Sixers player development under scrutiny

Count Bassi as one of the latest failed projects that has been moved to the City of Brotherly Love. For all Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid, there is a seemingly endless string of developmental horror stories. It’s an issue recently touched upon by Sean Barnard, my colleague at Heavy Sports.

‚ÄúThis is a problem that lies behind just Bassey. The Sixers developed Paul Reed at a slow pace and they showed their unwillingness to give him minutes on the field. Jaden Springer was named with the 28th overall pick last year and played a total of 10 minutes at the NBA level. Matisse Thiebol is exactly the same The player he was when he dropped out of college four years ago, and there’s a arguable case he’s regressed.Therese Maxi is the only exception to this, but it’s all the more credit to the young goalkeeper’s relentless work ethic and how Ben Simmons opened the door for him to have an expanded opportunity. In the field “.

We can go further than Barnard’s analysis. Remember Markel Fultz? Jalil Akfour? Nerlence Noel?


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