The color red actually portends the big new development in Manga

While much of the One Piece: RED movie isn’t a canon for the main One Piece series, the movie heralded a recent major development from the manga.

warning! Contains spoilers for One Piece: RED and One Piece Chapter 1065!While many parts of the blockbuster film One Piece movie: It may not be a law, that doesn’t stop a single small movie moment from foretelling a huge evolution of the manga. While series creator Eiichiro Oda doesn’t have complete control over every aspect of the movie, he was involved to some extent, which means that some parts of the movie, like Uta’s background, are canon for the manga. Given this, it’s also possible that he provided some other canon details for Toei Animation to include as well. pieceThe manga supports this theory with the latest amazing revelation.

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The latest arc of pieceThe manga stories featured in many important beliefs reveal that fans have been eagerly waiting. Arch is located on Egghead Island, a futuristic location ruled by One piece The mysterious Doctor Vejapunk, who was an important figure in the world piece Which fans haven’t even seen this arc. The arc is still in its early stages, so it is not clear who will be the main antagonist in the story or what the central conflict will look like. But given that each new chapter promises answers to burning questions fans have been asking for years, the slower nature of this arc is still very satisfying. Chapter 1065 in the final chapter breaks with the baffling news of the mysterious Empty Century, revealing that 900 years ago there was a highly technologically advanced civilization that even managed to create robots. But as shocking as this revelation was, it was already predicted One Piece Movie: Red months ago.

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While One Piece Movie: Red It was recently released worldwide, and it premiered in Japan months ago. What makes it even more impressive is that just before the climax of the movie, when the Straw Hat crew looks for a way to defeat the magical song Tot Musica in an old library, some old robots seem to be trying to stop them. Without the context of Chapter 1065 announcing, these seem to be suitable enemies for the Straw Hat forces to fight at this point in the plot. But knowing that the advanced civilization of the empty century created robots means that that civilization may have had something to do with the berries of Musica, as well as these robotic machines, most likely from their creations. As Tot Musica is said to date back to the empty century, it all goes together a bit too cleanly to be a coincidence.

One Piece Movie: RedHis vows may hint at more manga secrets

Luffy finds an old robot in One Piece

While it is unclear whether the existence of Tot Musica is canon, the existence of ancient robots is canon according to the last chapter. This raises the question about other manga details that the movie might have subtly predicted. For example, while the Demon Lords haven’t appeared in the story yet, could the appearance of the person who was summoned by Tut Musica be a sign that these would eventually be canons in the series as well?

In the end, these types of questions will likely not be answered until they actually appear in the manga. But just knowing that the movie foreshadowed a manga reveal is enough to make other elements of the movie worth pondering about more. in this way, One Piece Movie: RedWarn her makes her more important piece Fans as if it’s not everything, it could be more than fans expected.

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One Piece Movie: Red Currently in theaters and piece Available to read Viz Media.

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