TFT: What are the stacks in Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is a robot fighting game based on League of Legends characters. Players can choose heroes in each round to put on the battlefield to fight against. Items can be equipped with your character to improve their stats or grant abilities. TFT has frequent updates to its list and items, so it can be a bit confusing to understand which items to use or where to put them.

Certain items can be stacked in Teamfight Tactics, granting additional power with each duplicate item equipped. However, some items don’t stack up, so it can be helpful to know what items to look for. Here are all the elements in a TFT that can be stacked:

Element single item 2 items 3 items
Archangel crew 25AP 50AP 75 ap
Banshee claw 600 damage 1200 damage 1800 damage
Bloodthirsty 33% physical patch 66% physical patch 99% physical patch
Bramble jacket 60/80/120 magical damage 120/160/240 magic damage 180/240/360 magic damage
Power Cup 30 ap 60AP 90 ap
death blade 50/75/100 m 100/150/200 m 150/225/300 m
dragon claw 200 m 400 m 600 m
Gargoyle Stoneplate 18 resistance 36 resistance 54 resistance
giant killer 20% / 60% damage 40% / 120% damage 60% / 180% damage
Jinsu Rageblade 6% strike attack speed 12% strike attack speed 18% attack speed when hit
Hextech Gunblade 33% spelling 66% spelling 99% spelling
ionic spark 200% of maximum mana damage 400% of maximum mana damage 600% of maximum mana damage
Bejeweled Gauntlet 30% critical damage 60% critical damage 90% of critical damage
The locket is from Iron Solari 300/350/400 Health Shield 600/700/800 health shield 900/1050/1200 health shield
Guayaquil, Ecuador 75 ap 150AP 225 ap
Rapid FireCanon 1 hexadecimal set 2 hex scope 3 hex scope
Salvation 18% lack health 36% miss health 54% lack health
Hurricane Ronan 1 extra mounting screw 2 extra screws 3 additional screws
Choujin spear 8 mana when attacking 16 mana when attacking 24 mana when attacking
static chef 60 magical damage 120 magical damage 180 magical damage
tactical crown + One team size + 2 team size + 3 team size
Titan torque 2 AD and AP bonus per stack. 25 extra resistance at max stacks. 4 AD and AP bonuses per stack. 50 additional resistances in maximum stacks. 6 AD and AP bonuses per stack. 75 extra resistance at max stacks.
Armor and Armour 1000 health 2000 Health 3000 health
Zeke Herald 30% attack speed 60% attack speed 90% attack speed
Zz’Rot portal 1 is born upon death Born 2 builds to death 3 is born upon death

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Elements that do not stack in TFT

There are a few items that cannot be stacked alone and can only be equipped once to the hero. Here are all the items that cannot be stacked:

  • any logo element
  • Blue Puff
  • edge of the night
  • frozen heart
  • infinity edge
  • The last whisper
  • Morellonomicon
  • Quiksilver
  • Shroud of silence
  • Sunfire Cape
  • Thief gloves
  • exhalation

Knowing which items can be stacked extra and which can’t be very helpful during games. Since there is a limited time for rounds and many heroes in Teamfight Tactics, it will take some practice to see which stackable items are best for each hero.

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