World of Warcraft Dractyr Evoker Race and Class Overview

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Dracthyr Evoker is a Hero Class bundled with World of Warcraft’s Dragonlands expansion. For the first time, class and race uniquely marry. Dracthyr can only be Evokers and Evokers can only be Dracthyr. It provides a completely unique experience for both new and old players. Having said that, there is a lot to delve into, so let’s get to it!

Dracthyr Evoker’s elemental abilities

  • pull out of: Activate while falling to reduce fall speed and coast for longer distances.
  • Tail swipe: Swipe with your tail, and hit enemies within 8 in the air. (1.5 minutes of cooldown)
  • Suite buffet: With a powerful flap of your wings, drive away the enemies in front of you. (1.5 minutes of cooldown)
  • Azure Strike: Fire intense energy at two enemies, dealing them 1564 damage from Spellfrost. (Instant) (450 mana) (25 yard range)
  • live flame: Send a blinking flame at your target, heal an ally for 4130 or deal 3537 fire damage to an enemy. (Cast 1.7 seconds) (1000 mana) (30 yard range)

Subclasses Dractyr Evoker


Destruction editors are a subclass of spell casting. This subclass is great at AoE and priority target damage thanks to abilities like Mastery: Giantkiller, Eternity Surge, Fire Breath, Dragonrage, and Deep Breath. They can also stand in for a non-union and help relieve stress on the main therapist in a short time. The biggest drawback is that they have a max range of 25 yards, which means much closer play than other ranged classes.


Conservation Evokers are the other option and act as specialist healers. With Mastery: Life-Binder, it’s all about keeping yourself one step ahead so you get a nice healing bonus of 38% for allies with less health. Saving also benefits from a charging mechanic with Dream Breath being able to heal up to five allies in a cone in front of you. If played right, it’s a powerful class for healing many allies at once.

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Dractyr Starting Area – Forbidden Access

Dracthyr’s staging area is located on the northeastern side of the Dragon Isles. This approximately one hour tutorial spans seven chapters and should be mandatory for anyone wanting more information about the Dragonlands expansion lore. Before we played it, we only had a vague idea of ​​what was going on with Dragonlands. Now, we know who the primary antagonist is, why Dracthyr appeared after 20,000 years, and why the Alliance and Horde are heading to this forgotten land.

As for its gameplay, it almost certainly predates the introduction of the Hero Class that the Death Knights received with Wrath of the Lich King. It’s not as pretty as they say, Terryguard Sound from Battle for Azeroth, but it sure is up there. It’s a large space with tightly condensed areas and plenty of verticality for players to learn the mechanics of flying with their new dragons.

Players will start at level 58 and by the time they finish the starting area they will be level 60 with iLvl in the range 225-230 while booster level 60 starts with iLevel 180. Of course, there is also a global event that triggered the launch of Dragonlands where players got 245 gear iLvl and Uldaman’s dungeon reworked 275 gear. All in all, it was a smart move by Activision Blizzard to introduce this new race and class, get players acclimated, and then have them prepare for the impending expansion.

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