How to complete the World Bitcup Challenge at BitLife

Completing the BitLife World Bitcup Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge. Start by creating any character of your choice, then follow the steps below.

All goals in the World Bitcup Challenge

To complete the World Bitcup Challenge in BitLife, players will need to meet the following main objectives:

  • Be the captain of your high school football team
  • Be a professional soccer player
  • Win the Golden Ball award
  • Win 3+ tournaments
  • Pass a doping test

Before starting the World Bitcup Challenge, you must purchase the BitLife Job Pack, as the whole challenge revolves around the DLC. You can purchase DLC from the in-game store for $14.99.

How to become captain of your high school football team in BitLife

The first objective of the World Bitcup Challenge is to become the captain of your high school team in BitLife. To do this, you will need to play football from a young age. First of all, while creating your character, select a life with sports as a special trait/talent. After you start your life keep yourself sporty by going to WalkUse Sport cluband eating a healthy diet) From a young age.

Once you get to middle school, join the football team From the activities section. Stay a member of the team until you reach high school. In high school, he reapplied to the team and was selected using experience gained from junior divisions in middle school.

Now, it’s time to become the team leader. To do this, use a file Work harder The option is on the Activities tab below your soccer team so the relationship bar increases. As soon as it turns green and reaches 90%, your coach will offer you the role of leader. Accept it, and the first goal will be over.

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How to become a professional soccer player in BitLife

The second task in the challenge is to become a professional soccer player. Since you are already the captain of your high school, you are more likely to receive offers from professional teams upon graduation. If you haven’t received one, don’t worry. Apply for a check for any mid-to-low level team in any league. To do this, visit the special functions and select File Professional athlete Selection. Now, choose any soccer league and team of the selected caliber. Over time, you will become a professional player in one or another league, and finish the second mission.

How to win a Ballon d’Or in BitLife

The third task in the World Bitcup Challenge is to win the Golden Ball. To get the popular award, you must become a successful soccer player by winning many tournaments and working harder. First, move from your current team to a top division team that can win the league by asking for a trade. Before that, use a file Practice And the Train An option from the Activities tab to increase your overall skill and reduce weaknesses. After moving to a good team, use a Practice And the Train The choice again and again until you become an elite player. At the same time, you will start winning trophies and moving to the top of the league. Over time, you will eventually be elected to the Ballon d’Or and win the award.

Remember, the whole thing involves a lot of luck, as any random injury or misperformance could hinder your progress at any time.

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How to win 3+ soccer tournaments in BitLife

The penultimate task in the challenge is to win 3 soccer tournaments with your team. Like the previous objective, join a top-tier team and stay with them until you win more than 3 tournaments. Be sure to check a team’s credentials by checking their league standings and studying their past performance before accepting any offer.

How to pass a steroids test at BitLife

The last and final task in BitLife is to pass the doping test. The game does not allow us to take a test manually and it will be done randomly at any time in your career. Make sure you don’t eat any of it Performance enhancing drug Throughout your career to pass the test. With that, you will successfully complete the World Bitcup Challenge at BitLife.

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