All the trapped items and what they do in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Whether or not you plan to compete in PvP, saved items can provide plenty of boosts to your Pokémon’s effectiveness in battle. For example, a Pokemon with the ability to heal poisons will gradually restore HP if it is poisoned. The orb, which severely poisons its user, is beneficial to him.

Many of these items can be accessed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet as early as Levincia. Here’s a list of all the trapped items in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, what they do, and where you can find one.

All locations of the Dellibird Store for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet held items

NB: If you can’t find the item held in the store, Defeat more gym leaders To unlock more items.

The list of items held at Levincia Delibird is presented

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retained item Effect
The adrenaline orb Boosts the speed of the terrifying Pokemon
binding belt Increases the power of ligation movements
black belt Enhances the power of combat moves
black glasses Enhances the power of dark type moves
black sludge It gradually restores HP to Poison-type Pokémon, but damages any other type
binding belt Enhances the power of blinding movements
Secret cloak Protects your Pokémon from additional effects of moves, such as flinching and getting caught in a whirlpool
eject button If the mount is attacked, it will be removed from the battle
output package Makes Pokémon with low stats drop out of battle
Flame orb The bearer sustains burns during the battle
heavy boots Blocks the effects of traps placed on the battlefield (such as spikes)
pétanque Lowers speed but allows ground-type moves to hit Flying-type and Pokémon with Levit
retarded tail Makes the carrier move slower than usual
Loaded dice Allowing the wielder’s multiple strike moves (eg Fury Attack) to be hit multiple times
Metronome It reinforces movements that are used in succession but only until a different one is used
Never melt the snow Enhances the power of icing movements
Protective pads Protects the mount from effects from direct contact with the target, such as paralysis from static electricity and poisons from the point of poison.
Red card When the holder is attacked, the opponent’s Pokémon is removed from the battle
circular target Moves that normally have no effect will land on the catching Pokémon
Room service Decreases the user’s speed during the cheat room
Safety glasses Protects the stand from weather damage
scope lens Increases the carrier’s critical hit percentage
Shell Bell The carrier recovers a few HP each time it deals damage to others
smoke ball Let the holder escape any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
fine sand Enhances the power of ground-type movements
Sticky Barb The holder damages every turn but may stick to the Pokémon it touches
orb The bearer is severely poisoned during the battle
crooked spoon Promotes psychomotor movements
wide lens Slightly enhances the accuracy of movements
zoom lens If the mount moves after its target, its accuracy will be enhanced

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The list of items held in Mesagoza Delibird is provided

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retained item Effect
Ability shield Protects the holder from changing its ability by other Pokémon
Assault jacket Sp. Def but it is forbidden to use putting moves
error policy The speed increases sharply when a Pokémon misses a move due to accuracy
coal Enhances the power of fire-type moves
selection squad Boosts attack but only allows one move to be used
Check scarf It boosts speed but only allows one move to be used
selected specifications Sp. Atk but only allow one move to be used
clear amulet Protects the holder from having its stats lowered by moves used against it or by opposing Pokémon’s abilities
The knot of fate If the holder becomes infatuated, the Pokémon they are infatuated with also become infatuated
Expert belt A little boost to the power of super effective moves
focus range Allows the bearer to withstand a potential KO attack, leaving him with 1 HP
Focus scarf If the holder has full HP, it will sustain a potential KO attack with 1 HP (disappears after 1 use)
Claw grip Extends the duration of multi-role attacks such as Bind and Wrap
King’s Rock May cause target to flinch when attacked
life orb Increases the power of moves, but at the cost of some HP with each hit
Miracle seed Enhances the power of grass-type movements
muscle belt Slightly enhances the strength of physical movements
Mysterious waters Enhances the power of water type movements
Punching glove Enhances the power of the punching movements of the stand and prevents direct contact with the targets
fast claw Sometimes let the stand move first
Rocky helmet If the carrier is hit, the attacker will also be damaged on contact
sharp beak; Enhances the power of flying-type movements
silk scarf Enhances the power of movements of the normal type
silver powder Enhances the power of wrong type movements
smoke ball Let the holder escape any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
throat spray Sp. Attack when the Pokémon uses a sound-based move, such as Uproar
vulnerability policy Sharply increases Attack and Sp. An attack if it hits its bearer with a movement, it is weak
Wise glasses Slightly enhances the power of special moves
ophiolite Raises both Defense and Sp. Def of a Pokémon that can still evolve

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The list of items held in Cascarrafa Delibird displays

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retained item Effect
absorption bulb Sp. Attack if you get a water-type attack (the effect only happens once per battle)
Balloon The mount will float in the air until hit (the effect only happens once per battle)
Big root Boosts the amount of HP the bearer recovers from HP-stealing moves
Shimmering powder Lowers the accuracy of the opposition Pokémon
Cellular battery Boosts attack if hit with an electric-type move (effect only triggers once per battle)
Wet rock The rain jig extends when used by the bearer
Dragon Fang Enhances the power of dragon moves
electric seed Boosts defense on electric terrain (effect only triggers once per battle)
herbal seeds Boosts defense on grassland (effect only triggers once per battle)
Solid stone Enhances the power of Rock-type movements
Heat rock Extends sunny day when used by pregnant women
Ice rock The hail extends when used by the pregnant woman
leftovers The mount’s health points are slowly but surely restored throughout each battle
light clay Protective moves like Light Screen and Reflect will be effective for much longer
luminous moss Sp. Def if you hit a water type move
magnet Enhances the power of electric movements
mental herb Allows the wielder to undo the effects of the action link to move freely (the effect only triggers once per battle)
Mirror grass Allows the wielder to reverse an opponent’s stat increases to boost their stats (the effect only triggers once per battle)
Misty Seeds Sp. Def on Misty Terrain (the effect only triggers once per battle)
Ordinary gem When held, it buffs a normal-type move power (the effect only triggers once per battle)
Poison poison Enhances the power of detox movements
strength herb Allows the wielder to use an action that normally requires a turn to charge it instantly (disappears after one use)
psychological seed Sp. Def on Psychic Terrain (the effect only triggers once per battle)
Shed shell Let the mount out of the fray without fail
smoke ball Let the holder escape any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
Smooth Rock Sandstorm extends when used by a stand
snowball Boosts attack if the mount is hit by an ice-type move (effect only triggers once per battle)
spell mark Enhances the power of stealth moves
terrain expander Extends the duration of the terrain effect caused by the carrier’s movement or ability
utility umbrella Protects the stand from the effects of rain and harsh sunlight
white grass Restores any reduced stat in battle (the effect only triggers once per battle)

Other items held in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

retained item Effect Site
amulet coin Doubles any prize money received if the Pokémon holder joins the battle. Defeat trainers near Medali and receive your reward from League representative (can be found near Pokémon Center)
Energy boost enhances strength Paradox Pokémon (disappears after one use) Bottom of the Great Pit, 5% chance of being dropped by Paradox Pokémon
Tag cleaning An item held by a Pokémon. Helps keep wild Pokemon away if the bearer is the head of the party. The location is currently unknown

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