Brain teaser Math Quiz: Can you solve this viral balloon puzzle?

Brain teaser Math Quiz: Can you solve this viral balloon puzzle?

Brain Games is an exciting puzzle that you need to think to solve. Mind games make you think outside the box and tap into your brain’s potential. Brain Teaser Math Quiz: Can you solve this viral balloon puzzle is social media’s newest mind-boggling brain teaser?

Let’s first look at what this puzzle is.

Image source: Fresherslive

Brain teaser math quiz: Can you solve this viral balloon puzzle? – The solution

If you are still trying to get an answer to this, we have the answer to this conundrum. This brain teaser is a great way to test your observational skills and how strong you are. If you don’t get the answer yet, the below image will make you understand this solution better.

Row 1: There are three red balloons that equal 30.

So, we get 3 red balloons = 30, if we divide both sides by 3, we will get the result that 1 red balloon equals 10. So, we have 10 + 10 + 10 = 30. Now, we will use this value of 1 red balloon to solve for the next row of the problem.

Row 2: There is 1 red balloon + 2 green balloons + 2 green balloons = 18

We’ll apply the value of the single red balloon we found to the first row equation. So we get the following:

10 + 2 green balloons + 2 green balloons = 18

=> 4 green balloons = 8

=> 1 green balloon = 2

Row 3: There are 2 green balloons – 2 blue balloons = 2

So far, we have found that the value of a green balloon is 2. Hence, the value of two green balloons will be 4. Accordingly, we apply the value in the row equation 3.

=> 4 – 2 blue balloons = 2

=> 2 blue balloons = 2

=> 1 blue balloon = 1

Row 4: There is a blue balloon + a red balloon x a green balloon = ?

So far we have made sure that the value of the red balloon is 10, the value of the green balloon is 2, and the value of the blue balloon is 1. We will apply the values ‚Äč‚Äčaccordingly to solve the final equation.

1 blue balloon + 1 red balloon x 1 green balloon = ?

=> 1 + 10 x 2.6 =?

Use podmas.

=> 1 + 20.56 =?

=> 21

The final answer is 21.56


Image source: Fresherslive

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