NYT Crossword Answers November 24, 2022 Find out the answers to the complete crossword puzzle November 2022

The New York Times Crossword Puzzle

New York Times crossword puzzles are published in newspapers and news sites The New York Times Crossword Puzzle and The New York Times, as well as on mobile applications. They have also worked with more than 200 other newspapers and magazines. The game has been created by various freelancers and has been edited by Will Shortz since 2093. The puzzle gradually increases in difficulty throughout the week. It starts with the easiest puzzle on Monday and ends with the hardest puzzle on Saturday. Meanwhile, the biggest crossword puzzle of the entire week appeared Sunday in the New York Times Magazine. Solving this Sunday mystery has become part of American culture. The crossword puzzle, shown seven days a week, measures 22 by 22 squares. The Sunday crossword puzzle contains 22 by 22 squares.

NYT Crossword Answers

“Doing crossword puzzles removes fears. It makes you a calmer and more focused person.” – Will Shortz.

Crossword puzzles have gained their loyal fans throughout these decades, who have formally dedicated their time to solving the puzzle and solving it with clues. On the other hand, there are people who are completely afraid of puzzles, because they think that solving puzzles is about being clever and mastering your vocabulary. Actually, it is not! It’s all about how we understand the clues. So we put all the pieces together and solved the puzzles to get you started. Here in this article, you can check out all the solved riddles and their answers if you are looking for one.

NYT Crossword Answers for November 24, 2022

The complete solution to The New York Times Crossword Puzzle for November 24, 2022 is fully furnished in this article. This puzzle was edited by Will Shortz and designed by Dan Harris. NYT Crossword Answers for November 24, 2022. The clues are presented in the order in which they appear. So don’t forget to check your answers with our article.

New York Times Crossword 0922

Crossword Puzzle – Cross Clue

1. “The command is awaiting decoding,” as Jose Saramago puts it

6. Eat

10. And so on

13. Aroused, unofficially

14. Actress Kirk from “Mozart in the Jungle”

15. Third


18. Guests can be welcomed with them

20. Iconic Voyager 1 Image Taken 3.7 Billion Miles From Earth PALEBUEDOT

22. It has its ups and downs

23. Cover

24. The Big Apple debuted in 1998

26. They’ve been spotted on Lucille Ball and Minnie Mouse

31. A car at the front of the line, maybe

33. I am to Homer

34. ___ perfume

35. They were taken to court

36. Beltway Insider

37. Place a notice

38. Savage X Fenty product

39- The serf

41. It looks rather bad

43. He begins to see a pattern

46. ​​On ATP

47. South Asian clothing

48. Sanctify

51- The financial crisis at the turn of the century

56. Pay attention to the details…or hint to fill in seven of the squares of this puzzle

58. The city of over 5 million is north of the Royal National Park

59. ___ Deco

60. The rooster crows before midnight, it was once believed

61. Like all animals in the genus Equus

62. “about ___ high”

63. A little bouquet

64. Not getting reception?

Crossword Puzzle- Down Chloe

1. The boy has grown

2. Salamanca salute

3. The Sea of ​​Kazakhstan ___

4. Publicly known

5. & #[email protected]for example

6. Topical for sunburn?

7. Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish

8. “___ Coltrane” (John Coltrane 1961 album)


10. Cucumber’s Nest Egg, for short

11. Rapscallion

12. To some extent

17. Water


21. NBA Jazz, on the scoreboards

25. The TV Actor Who Co-starred in “Rocky III”

26. Victory Anthem

27. Collision with the Large Hadron Collider

28. Polar bears prey

29. Rapper ___ sweatshirt

30. Fireplaces?

31. A bank based in the United Kingdom

32. Alt pound

36. Some baked appetizers

37. Singer with the first single “My Bologna” (1979)

39. Alt pound

40. ___- Friendly

41. Charades

42. “Paradise!”

44. Cartoonist Thomas

45. A year in American Chinese cuisine

48. Beyoncé’s 2006 album, Fittingly, was released on September 4

49. Oral history

50. James, who sang “A Sunday Kind of Love”

52. The Folk-Rock Quartet got its name from the initials of its members

53. years in Italy

54. Ooze

55. The Alternative Literary Psyche

57. Music genre recognition dashboard

Crossword Puzzle Answers – Cross

1. Chaos



13. Horny

14. Lola

15. III

16. Warnings

18. Editorials

20. Palliploid

22. Chart

23. Coat

24. IMAC


31. Hear

33. IOTA

34. EAU

35. File a lawsuit

36. POL

37. Warning

38. The Army of Brazil

39. PEON

41. Aromatherapy

43. Connections

46. ​​ATOP

47. Surrey

48. Mubarak



58. Sydney

59. ART

60. Omen

61. Maned

62. Yes

63. The Net

64. Escape

Crossword puzzle answers – below





5. Icons


7. Pobedol

8. OLE

9. Pangea

10. IRA

11. IMP

12. ISH

17. Cut

19. ARCS

21. Utah

25. MRT


27. Ions

28. Seals

29. EARL

30. The sun

31. HSBC

32. EURO

36. Destiny


39. Pet Shop

40- Economic Cooperation Organization

41. Sun

42. Mersemme

44. NAST

45. TSO

48. BDAY

49. Lor

50. ETTA

52. CSNY

53. ANNO

54- Sep

55. Hyde

57. EMO

November 24, 2022 Another New York Times crossword puzzle

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