Iran manager Carlos Queiroz confronts BBC reporter: ‘Why don’t you ask Southgate about Afghanistan?’

Iran manager Carlos Queiroz confronted a BBC journalist who asked about the protests in the Middle Eastern country on Thursday – and demanded to know why other managers were not facing similar questions at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

In an unusual exchange, Queiroz reached out to BBC Persia correspondent Shaimaa Khalil and asked why England manager Gareth Southgate wasn’t being asked political questions about the conflict in Afghanistan.

“Why don’t you ask the other trainers about other cultures?” Queiroz said. Why don’t you ask Southgate: ‘What do you think of England and the United States leaving Afghanistan and all the women alone?’ “

Queiroz was not happy because Khalil had earlier asked Iran striker Mehdi Taremi if he had a message for those protesting against their government after the death of 22-year-old Mohsa Amini in police custody in September.

Iran’s players did not sing their national anthem before their 6-2 defeat by England on Monday, in an apparent show of support for the protesters back home.


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Iran, a soccer powerhouse, protests back home during the World Cup

Iranian state television has cut off live broadcasts of the match as players lined up before the match in order to play the national anthem, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. the athlete.

“I said before that I will not answer such questions, but this time I will,” Taremi said at the press conference.

“We are not under pressure. In the football tournament, football journalists must be respected and everything that has nothing to do with football must be left aside.”

At this point, Queiroz made his displeasure clear – having vented his frustration earlier in the week by urging the world’s media to “let the kids play”.

He said, “Is it fair to continue asking political questions? It is the freedom of the press and we have the right not to respond, respect and understand our position.”

Others should respect 3,000 years of (Iranian) history, culture, history, and science. Iranians are educated, humble, and love what other citizens around the world love.”


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Why protest players and fans of Iran during the World Cup?

He added that it was not fair for the media to ask players questions about human rights.

“It is strange that you do not ask these questions to other coaches and players, some of whom do not talk about such matters in their countries.

“Let the players play football like other teams, the players are not the enemy of the fans.”

Iran has been rocked by more than two months of protests that erupted after the death of a young woman in the custody of the Gesht Ershad morality police, in one of the biggest challenges facing the country’s religious leadership since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


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“Why should Iran’s men be free to play in the World Cup while women are not counted?”

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