Where to find bandages in Warzone 2 DMZ

In Call of Duty Warzone 2, players will come across different things and items that can be useful for completing various missions. The first level quest of Health Conscious within the White Lotus faction requires players to extract it with six Bandages. Although this item is very common, players have a hard time trying to complete this mission. Here’s how to find and extract Bandages in Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ.

How to extract with bandages in Warzone 2 DMZ

Bandages are common items that can be found as loot and in first aid kits. You will find this item throughout points of interest on the farm. The Health Conscious quest requires players to successfully collect and extract nine pillars and six bandages. Stems are also found inside first aid kits, but are rarer than bandages. You can also find them in different caches scattered across the map.

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Collecting props are also important, and players can do this by searching every cache and first aid kit they come across. Stim allows players to quickly regenerate health when depleted, and is an essential tool for navigating the DMZ. Players can carry several bandages and packets in the bag, but simply picking them up won’t complete the mission. To obtain each of the rewards from the Health Conscious quest, players must extract with six Bandages. This means that you must have the item in your backpack during extraction on the chopper. This is a relatively easy task, and you’ll be rewarded with a White Lotus Emblem and 5,000 XP for completing it.

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