How to get a Charged Return achievement in Genshin Effect

The Fraught Return is a Genshin Impact Challenger: Series V Achievement that can be obtained by preventing the Hydro Hypostasis from reviving itself without destroying any of the “Water Drops” by placing or blocking obstacles. To get it, you must first get to the Hydro Hypostasis Cave near Suigetsu Pond on Watatsumi Island.

There are two ways to complete this, but the easiest is to use a file Geo Traveler. Resonate with Geo up front and put Aether or Lumine on your team with them Elemental explosion ready.

How to block water droplets without destroying them in Genshin Impact

You must start by naturally engaging in battle against Hydro Hypostasis. Once your HP is almost gone, it will summon three dark blue “waterdrops”, slime-like creatures. Usually, you need to destroy them with Cryo or Pyro before they get to the boss so that the latter does not revive. But to get this achievement, you can’t beat any of the water drops. While that, Put obstacles (eg Geo Constructs) or bodice them (like freezing) until the aqueous fermentation dies.

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Once Hydro Hypostasis summons the three dark blue water droplets, step into the middle (in the same position as the exposed core, pictured above) and Activate Geo Traveler’s Elemental Burst. This will prevent two drops of water until the boss dies.

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But one drop of water is still missing. Before it gets too close, use The basic skill of the geo-traveler to block his way. You place the Geo Construct by holding the Elemental Skill button, then firing it at the exact area where you want to place the giant boulder. Be sure to put skill items in front of or above the water drop So that she can’t move forward.

Watch out because the Elemental Skill expires before the boss dies, so you have to prevent the Water Drop A again. Watery Hypostasis will eventually die off after a while. If none of the water drops hit the boss, you get a Challenge: Series V Achievement called The Fraught Return.

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