Warframe: Lua’s Prey update overview

In the midst of a busy holiday season, Warframe is the service’s latest live-action title to release an update. Called Lua’s Prey, the amount of content the update contains is somewhat limited, but nonetheless, it’s meaningful because it’s just a precursor to much longer content coming this month. Here’s everything you need to know about updating Lua’s Prey in Warframe.

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Lua prey, war frame update

The primary focus of this update is the new Warframe, Voruna, which is sort of a shamanic Warframe style. While there’s no new research on a story for it, a new scene featuring one of the Grineer Queens plays at Log, outlining the flow and significance of Lua and how it’s vaguely related to the houndmaster-like Voruna. Since this update is focused on Lua, all of the new content is also in there.

Since there was no Warframe mission for Voruna, Digital Extreme offered players an alternate form of Survival game mode called Conjunction Survival. Two new nodes have been added to Lua: Yuvarium and Circulus. Both feature a new Survival game mode, and gameplay allows players to slowly farm Voruna parts before finally building them up in the Foundry.

While this may not seem like much content for a particular update, Voruna was supposed to be released alongside the bigger update that is coming later in December. Digital Extremes has delayed this update, and is launching Lua’s Prey instead for the time being. Just think of loa prey as the calm before the storm.

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