Best Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds – Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds is one of the latest Roblox games based on the popular anime and manga series One Piece. Like other One Piece online games, Fruit Battleground’s combat and power-up system mainly revolves around various Devil Fruits. While the potential of each Devil Fruit is known to fans of the series, many new players don’t know anything about fruits and always try to buy/unlock fruits that seem cool or attractive to them. As a result, they often end up choosing something that has poor fighting ability. So, for all those new players who are confused about the devil fruit’s power gauge. Below is a carefully arranged list of all the fruits.

All Devil Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds – Ranked

NBThe fruits within each layer are not arranged in any particular taxonomic order.

class the fruit
S + light, flame
s Magma, earthquake, ice
a Gravity, the bomb
B Jomo, barrier, sand
c Smoke, dark
Dr Cuts

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Best devil fruit in fruit battle arenas

Best devil fruit overall Fruit battlegrounds


  • Flame is the best all-round flame in the game because of abilities like fire fist And the packages They can cause damage from short, medium and long range. Aside from its range capabilities, it also has the best overall damage numbers and cooldown time in the game, which helps to take on any other fruit user without worry. We highly recommend going to Fruit if you are serious about 1v1 battles.

Best fruits for beginners Fruit battlegrounds

an eraser

  • Gomu or Rubber is the best Devil Fruit for beginners due to its beginner-friendly abilities which mostly have auto-locks/auto-aim features like pistol or Gatling. It allows new players to focus more on strategy And the defense rather than worrying about hitting their shots. Also, skills like Rocket Excellent at dodging attacks and repositioning, which is vital for new players during the initial phase. Moreover, it is easy to get the fruit during this stage as it is only 16% rare.

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