Mumbai Police seizes another pornographic racket; One caught, 3 fled

The blow came after a complaint with Charcop Police Station on November 29, filed by a 29-year-old model and wannabe actress, who alleged that she was forced to strip naked under the evidence of “daring” scenes of a web series.

When she refused to comply, producer-director Yasmin Khan and her co-stars Anirudh Jangde, Amit Paswan and Aditya threatened to file a defamation case against her.

On the model’s complaint, the police arrest Jangde, while the other three accused are fleeing and the teams are searching for them.

Incidentally, Khan was arrested in 2020 for alleged involvement in a pornographic film racket.

The complainant made small advertisements and posted her details on social media looking for professional or acting assignments and reached out to one of the directors, Rahul Pandey.

Pandey offered her a role on the condition that it include “daring scenes”, but after realizing that the web series would be released abroad on Apps, she was hesitant though later agreeing to 50,000 rupees.

During a shooting in a rented flat in Malad West, she is ordered to go naked, but after she protests, Jasmine and her goons warn her of a defamation suit of Rs 15,000.

Apparently frightened by the threats, she carried out the bidding instructions and did not get nearly 20 percent of the promised amount.

A few days later, the girl’s friend reported the alleged “pornographic” video on a social networking site, after which she decided to file a complaint with the Charcop Police Station.

While Jangde has been arrested, police teams are searching for the remaining trio and investigating the details of the porn racket, others involved, their local or international connections, money involved, whether other women were also seduced and caught up in the scam, etc., he said. Officials.

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