Plot, Release Date, Episode, Cast, Trailer, Review, Where To Watch and More

The Rookie Season 5: Plot, Release Date, Episode, Cast, Trailer, Review, Where To Watch and More

Fans have been captivated by the character of John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) for the past four seasons thanks to his audacious decision to seek a new career path and his courageous decision to do so despite the fact that he would be the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Now that The Rookie season 5 has arrived, and Nolan has put his formative years as a police officer in the past, fans of the program are looking forward to seeing what comes next.


The Rookie season

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The Rookie Season 5: Details

The conclusion of Rookie season 4 raised questions not just about the future of the show’s main character but also about Chenford, the show’s primary romantic pairing.

It is time to discuss everything we know about The Rookie season 5, including the storyline, the cast, and anything else related to the upcoming season, as the next season is just around the corner.

In the show “The Rookie,” Nathan Fillion plays the role of John Nolan, a 45-year-old divorcee who runs a construction company and has one grown son.

After foiling an attempt to rob a bank, however, his life undergoes a profound transformation. John uproots his life and goes from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in order to begin his career as a rookie with the LAPD.

John Nolan, who is the oldest rookie in the LAPD and recently moved and became a full-fledged police officer, has been able to keep up with rookies who are 20 years his junior by utilizing his life experience, his dedication, and his sense of humor.

Nolan must now come to terms with the decisions he has taken in his quest of the truth, which presents him with his greatest challenge as a police officer to date. He is getting close to finishing his training at this point.

The Rookie Season 5: First Episode

The show The Rookie is based on John Nolan, who made the decision to become a police officer when he was 40 years old.

He prevails over the challenging training and enters the Los Angeles Police Department as the officer with the oldest age of any new recruit.

The last season was action-packed, and although a number of characters discovered happiness, viewers are still wondering whether or not Bradford and Chen will end up dating. Will there really be a Chenford this time?

The Rookie Season 5: Plot

Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil), also known as Chenford, pushed their friendship to the next level in the season 4 finale of The Rookie, which had viewers on edge.

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, it now appears that the couple may have a future together.

However, they will have to contend with their own obstinacy in not wanting to express what they feel for each other, in addition to a cover job that may be in jeopardy as a result of the whirlwind of feelings that they are experiencing.

However, Chenford was not the only one who failed to address their potential future.

Following her return from her maternity leave, Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox), who is now a mother thanks to her relationship with James (Arjay Smith), will face a new obstacle in her role as a detective.

In season 5 of The Rookie, this indicates that Aaron Thorsen, who is played by Tru Valentino, will have a different mentor.

According to comments made by Alexi Hawley, executive producer of The Rookie, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nyla’s pregnancy will play a role in a humorous storyline that will be featured in the show.

He also announced an arc in which Wesley Evers will attempt to become a police officer from the perspective of the judicial system.

Another one of our protagonists, John Nolan, is embarking on a new professional endeavor (Nathan Fillion).

During the panel for The Rookie that took place at this year’s Comic-Con, the actor made a blunder by inadvertently revealing that John will be given a promotion following the valiant rescue attempt that he and Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan) carried out in the midst of the desert.

In the upcoming season, John will take on the role of a training officer and serve as a mentor to an incoming rookie officer. This will undoubtedly present new issues for the dynamic between John and Bailey.


The Rookie season
The Rookie season

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The Rookie Season 5: Cast

After the conclusion of the fourth season of The Rookie, which marked a significant milestone in the arcs of some of the viewers’ favorite characters, viewers pondered which members of the series’ core cast would not be back for the upcoming fifth season.

The primary cast of The Rookie has been confirmed to return for the fifth season, which is excellent news for the show’s fans.

Nathan Fillion will continue to play the role of John Nolan, the most important police officer in the show, despite the fact that Nolan’s significance in the series has decreased throughout the course of the seasons so that other characters can benefit.

Fans of Chenford will be pleased to hear that Melissa O’Neil and Eric Winter will reprise their roles as Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford, respectively, in Season 5.

Additionally, Alyssa Diaz will play the role of Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones will play the role of Wade Grey, and Mekia Cox will play Nyla Harper.

In the same vein, Jenna Dewan will continue to play the role of Bailey Nune, Shawn Ashmore will continue to play the role of Wesley Evers, and Tru Valentino will continue to play Aaron Thorsen.

The upcoming season will also see the introduction of a brand new character to the precinct. Lisseth Chavez, who previously starred on Chicago P.D., was announced to feature in many episodes of the drama in August.

Neve Campbell will play the role of a detective in the upcoming drama series Avalon on ABC.

She will play the role of Celina, a fresh recruit with an unconventional approach to her duties as a police officer.

Her nonconformist ways are going to be a problem for her training officer, despite the fact that she did exceptionally well in the police academy.

Regarding the individual who will serve as her training officer, it appears that John Nolan will be the one and only option given all of the evidence.

Annie Wersching, who made her debut as the terrifying serial murderer Rosalind Dyer during the show’s second season, is likely going to return to her role as the character in the upcoming season.



  • Nathan Fillion as John Nolan (20 episodes)
  • Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez (20 episodes)
  • Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey (20 episodes)
  • Titus Makin as Jackson West (20 episodes)
  • Mercedes Mason as Zoe Andersen (15 episodes)
  • Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen (20 episodes)
  • Afton Williamson as Talia Bishop (20 episodes)
  • Eric Winter as Tim Bradford (20 episodes)

Recurring cast

  • Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford (6 episodes)
  • Demetrius Grosse as Det. Kevin Wolfe (5 episodes)
  • David DeSantos as Det. Elijah Vestri (3 episodes)
  • Currie Graham as Ben McRee (6 episodes)
  • Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers (6 episodes)
  • Michael Beach as Cmdr. Percy West (4 episodes)
  • Cameron J. Armstrong as Nurse Gino Brown (3 episodes)
  • Sarah Shahi as Jessica Russo (3 episodes)


  • Danny Nucci as Det. Sanford Motta (2 episodes)
  • Ryan Michelle Bathe as Det. Jennifer Paige (2 episodes)
  • Sara Rue as Nell Forester (3 episodes)
  • Shawn Christian as Jeremy Hawke (1 episode)
  • Joelle Carter as Megan Mitchell (1 episode)
  • Christopher James Baker as Marcus Vance (2 episodes)
  • Niko Nicotera as Carson Miller (2 episodes)
  • Sam Duffy as Kyle Montgomery (2 episodes)
  • Zayne Emory as Henry Nolan (2 episodes)
  • Angel Parker as Luna Grey (1 episode)
  • Jade Payton as Dominique Grey (1 episode)
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Franco DeSantis (1 episode)
  • Antonio Jaramillo as Robert Ortiz (1 episode)
  • Kurt Yaeger as Graham Ross (1 episode)
  • Matthew Glave as Oscar Hutchinson (1 episode)
  • Sean Maher as Caleb Jost (1 episode)
  • Mario Lopez as Himself (1 episode)
  • Grant Harvey as Cole Midas (1 episode)
  • Michael Trucco as Sean Del Monte (1 episode)
  • Jim Lau as Patrick Chen (1 episode)
  • Joel McHale as Brad Hayes (1 episode)
  • Caleb Castille as Dylan Scott (1 episode)
  • Robbie A. Kay as Simon Parks Jr. (1 episode)
  • as Himself (1 episode)
  • Valerie Cruz as Detective Elena Ruiz (2 episodes)
  • Stephen Lang as Chief Williams (1 episode)
  • Felicia Day as Dr. Morgan (1 episode)

The Rookie Season 5: Trailer

Watch the Season 5 premiere right here! From what can be seen at this point, it appears that the upcoming episodes will be pretty entertaining.

The Rookie Season 5: Where To Watch?

Since The Rookie is an original series produced by ABC, its episodes are shown directly and in real time on the broadcast network.

ABC can be seen through live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV for people who have severed their ties to traditional cable or satellite television.

Hulu makes newly aired episodes immediately available for on-demand viewing the day after they are shown live, which is great news for viewers who like to consume media on their own terms.

A membership to Hulu, which can be obtained with only a few clicks of the mouse, is required in order to access the platform’s library of episodes for viewing.

We do not yet have a date for the release of the fifth season in the UK; however, we believe that Sky TV will carry it alongside the previous four seasons.

If you like the sitcom The Rookie that airs on ABC, you might be curious about where you can view it online. The good news is that there are a lot of different approaches to achieve this goal.

Both the ABC website and the ABC app allow users to watch The Rookie.

You will have access to all of ABC’s programming, including The Rookie, once you have registered for an account and logged in with your television service provider.

The Rookie episodes are also available for purchase or rental through digital stores like as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.


The Rookie season
The Rookie season

The Rookie: Filming Location

The Los Angeles Police Department is central to the American police drama series “The Rookie.” As a result, we can assume that Los Angeles was the location of the majority of the show’s filming.

Other than Los Angeles, the shooting also occurred in other other California cities, including Oxnard, Burbank, and New York City.

The main character of the show spent some time in Pennsylvania before relocating to Los Angeles, so there was some filming there as well.

LAPD Mid-Wilshire Station

In order to recreate the interior of the Police Department, a set was built at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California.

The set designers paid close attention to every detail, down to the design of a holding cell and a pen. The police station in the show so appears to be so realistic.

However, they shot at the John Ferraro Building of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in LA instead of the Police Station’s facade. Furthermore, filming didn’t just take place at Warner Bros. Studio. Additionally, they shot on the Willow Studios’ Los Angeles sets.

Quick Facts

Season The Rookie
No. of Seasons 5
No. of Episode TBA
Writer Alexi Hawley
Director Bill Roe
Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Cast Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones
Production ABC Signature
Music Jordan Gagne
Country of Origin United States
Origin Language English
Available Languages English
First Episode Aired October 16, 2018
Season 5 Release Date September 25, 2022
Run Time 43 Minutes
Available On ABC

The Rookie Season 5: Premiere Time

  • British Summer Time: Mon, 26 Sep 2022; 03:00
  • Pacific Daylight Time: Sun, 25 Sep 2022; 19:00
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Sun, 25 Sep 2022; 22:00
  • Central Daylight Time: Sun, 25 Sep 2022; 21:00
  • Australian Central Time: Mon 26 Sep 2022; 11:30
  • India Standard Time: Mon, 26 Sep 2022; 07:30

Frequently Ask Question About The Rookie Season 5

1. How many episodes does The Rookie Season 5 have?

The Rookie Season 5 is expected to have twenty episodes.

2. Where is La Fiera’s house in The Rookie?

The existing home is seen outside at 2733 Lake Hollywood Drive in Los Angeles.

3. Is The Rookie a true story?

William Norcross, a Los Angeles Police Department member, served as the inspiration for the TV show. In his mid-forties, Norcross joined the department after relocating to Los Angeles in 2015.

4. Where can I watch The Rookie season 1-5?

You can watch The Rookie Season 1 to 5 on Hulu.

5. How old is Lucy Chen in The Rookie?

Nolan tells Ben that Lucy is 28 years old in “The Roundup.” In “Tough Love,” an episode from Season 2, Chen tells West that she is still only 28 years old.

6. What happened to Dr. Grace Sawyer on The Rookie?

In her current appearance on the show, she appeared to leave the project and declared her intention to get back together with her ex-husband.

7. Who does Tim Bradford end up with?

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