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Wed Season 1: Meet the Addams Family

Wednesday, Tim Burton’s new show that’s a reimagining of The Addams Family for the YA era, is Netflix’s latest hit, setting English language records for hours watched in its first week, beating even Stranger Things season 4 in the process.

Wednesday is a reimagining of The Addams Family for the YA era. At the moment, there’s a good chance the show will be renewed for a second, third, or fourth season; However, I wanted to take a closer look at the show itself before officially confirming the renewal.

Base actress, Gina Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams herself, elevates an average show, Wednesday, to a good level with her stellar portrayal in the role.

In the past few years, Ortega has been on the cusp of a big role, with roles on You Season 2, the new Scream movie, and other projects, but this is it, Wednesday is undoubtedly her time.

Ortega’s interpretation of the stoic and confused character is the key to ensuring the success of the entire series.

She is believed to have re-shot any scene in which she blinked, and she personally helped choreograph the quirky gothic choreography that has since dominated TikTok.

Her acting techniques are already the stuff of folklore, and she is reported to have re-shot any scene she slipped into.


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Wednesday Season 1: Review

Wednesday strikes the right balance between being prickly hostile, outspoken, and emotional while still leading you on with enough humanity to make her someone you can still root for.

She’s a compelling lead with just enough humanity to make her someone I can still be rooting for. If Ortega wasn’t around, I’m not sure if the rest of the series would have worked properly.

Wednesday’s roommate Enid, portrayed by Emma Sinclair, is one of the supporting cast members who stands out as particularly noteworthy.

The Shippers expect the two to become friends by the time the series ends, but no one really knows if that’s what will happen.

While it would make perfect sense considering the chemistry between them, I don’t imagine this is a typical development of a Tim Burton plot.

The structure of the show, which involves unraveling a decades-old mystery while also tackling a recent series of murders, isn’t very solid.

Wed is a great personality, but lousy at solving puzzles. From the first minute of the season until the last second of the season, the finger is pointed at people who are not the perpetrators.

There were some quite obvious hints, as well as some very obvious red herrings, that needed to be seen in order to get to the final solution, which was kind of easy to see.

Since Wednesday herself is so engaging to watch, you wouldn’t mind if Ortega played any other character in the part.

I really hope that the script for Season 2 will be even more amazing and engaging than what we received for Season 1 here.


Wed Season 1: Details on the Addams Family

The Addams family will likely play a larger role in later seasons, despite the fact that they only appear in brief snippets in the pilot episode.

Thing is a pretty cool character despite the fact that he’s just a hand operated by a guy who I assume is wearing a green suit. Despite this, the Thing is basically just a hand.

I really like Luis Guzmán as Gomez, and I want to see more of him than just co-starring him as Catherine Zeta Morticia Jones all along. Also, can I have more Lurch, please?

Netflix is ​​getting its first monster franchise kicked off with this TV drama. Possibly returning on Wednesday for another three to four years, Ortega will focus on the extended Addams Family universe.

It would be great if the show itself started to live up to the level you set. Addams Family fans as well as newbies will find the show really interesting thanks to Jenna Ortega.

Less successful, unfortunately, is the environment, which, while brilliantly realized, didn’t work as well (by production designer Mark Scruton).

Their outrageous flaws are compounded when they are set against the backdrop of normal life, where ordinary citizens are usually horrified by their antics.

The Addams Family has always played best. Wednesdays are attracted to a group of individuals who are, in many ways, stranger than they are.

These characters include werewolves, gorgons, sirens, and other oddities. Wednesday attends the supernatural boarding school known as Nevermore Academy.

Wed also has a lot to contend with, including her long-shadow mother Morticia (faithfully portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones, even if she doesn’t pull off as slickly as the Anjelica Huston movies and lacks the requisite chemistry with Luis Guzmán Gomez).

Wednesday also has a lot to play with, including her father Gomez who has been casting a long shadow. Dr

For example, the first episodes are filled with the sound of an ever-present question: If Wednesday is supposed to be so relaxing here, why not?

In that regard, the fact that Burton was the director of the first four movies isn’t very helpful. He makes his living off Gothic flourishes, and he doesn’t hold back one bit.

However, if artistic choices were more restricted, the results could be more satisfactory.

The season focuses on topics that are more crowd-pleasing than intriguing, making Wednesday the anti-kicking hero of the day as it unravels a series of twisted crimes (some surprisingly violent at the 12 rating) in a thoroughly mysterious plot reminiscent of Harry Potter.

Ortega, the steady eye of this Gen Z stormtrooper, deserves praise from the lord of evil, so let’s give it a go.

Despite the show’s shortcomings, they make it extremely watchable for both longtime fans of The Addams Family and newbies to the franchise. It is undoubtedly the most valuable player on Wednesday (most venomous predator).

This drama aimed at Gen Z doesn’t have much sting, which is surprising considering it’s about vampires and werewolves.

The latest entry in Netflix’s slate of supernatural teen shows has Gina Ortega as the lead actress in the show.


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Wednesday Season 1: More on the series

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Sometimes a part of our culture becomes so deeply ingrained in the societal consciousness that we forget how strange the basic concept was originally.

An animated sponge, for example, who wears little more than a tiny checkered shirt and a pair of pants, or a felt frog who lives with a felt pig as a roommate.

It’s kind of like that, but with the Addams Family. A cheesy, gothic adventure featuring a cast of characters who have become symbols of the weird in popular culture.

Characters like Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, and Lurch are all examples of easily recognizable oddballs.

But perhaps none of that famous family has achieved quite as much excitement as Annoying Kid Wednesday, whose name has been used in the new Netflix title aimed squarely at millennials.

On Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, Addams’ daughter, played here by Gina Ortega (the latest star from Disney’s conveyor belt), heads off to Nevermore Academy, her parents’ school and private school for “outcasts” (she was just expelled from Nancy Reagan High School for shooting fish). predators on the swim team).

Nevermore Academy is the university for the daughter’s parents. There, she must navigate the social minefields of best friends and bullies, classes and social groups, and a variety of other hormonal minefields.

Each one wearing their own pigtails and frowning.

“Wednesday always looks half dead,” comes the verdict of Father Gomez (Luis Guzmán); “She’s allergic to colour,” adds her mother, Morticia.

“Wednesday always looks like she’s half dead,” came the verdict of Papa Gomez’s (Louise Guzmán) (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

As a result, Wednesday is enrolled in a school that is home to a variety of supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires, sirens, and more.

You can think of it as a Gothic version of Hogwarts, and the show is actively trying to get you to think of it that way.

An idea is a combination of a valuable piece of intellectual property and a successful format that meets the lowest common denominator.


Wed Season 1: Fan reaction

Or, as the guys say, Hermione Granger gets a Wednesday for her birthday.

The tone of the series is one very reminiscent of Generation Z.

Wednesday Addams arrives to change the established order and investigate a horrific series of killings, but she runs out of established social norms to challenge her.

“I find social media to be an enjoyable void of worthless affirmations,” she tells her new roommate Enid (Emma Myers), yet everything she says seems handcrafted to go viral on TikTok.

“I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation,” she says. Enid asks, “Would you like to try being social?” On Wednesday he replied, “I like stabbing.”

On Wednesday he covers everything tabloid reporters fear teens will talk about, including the pros and cons of using oat milk versus soy milk, gender-neutral toilets, and the whitewashing of American history.

Pure, luscious American cheese at its finest, it seems like the brainchild of the Coen brothers. This is the English review.

It’s a shame that despite the fact that Tim Burton directed the first four episodes of the show, it doesn’t quite live up to its reputation for excellence.

From writing that feels like it was reverse-engineered through Google Translate to a central puzzle that’s so perplexing, the world that series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have built is pretty flimsy.

Christina Ricci, returning to the Addamsverse as Miss Thornhill, declares herself to be “a little bit of a jerk.”

Although it lacks the production values ​​of both Stranger Things and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it most closely resembles The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina among the scary teen dramas that Netflix has to offer.

And the dreary Wednesday Addams work, while entertaining in a feature film or as a supporting character in a TV show set in the 1960s, is so intentionally one-note that it gets boring.

Because of this, it’s hard to judge whether Ortega’s portrayal is merely disturbing due to overexposure, or because she fails to bring essential warmth—however, one thing is certain: It will be more controversial than Ricci’s acclaimed performance from the ’90s version.

Representing the Thing, the disembodied hand serving the Addamses, is where current CGI excels, as it opens up an infinite number of options. This is the most successful part of conditioning.

Wed, Adams isn’t your dream girl, Queen Bianca will tell you, so stop dreaming about her (Joy Sunday).

“She’s the kind that haunts your nights.” This is a world where everyone speaks in one nigger style, where creature design is too scary for kids but too cartoony for adults, and where the performances are more two-dimensional than the New Yorker comic strip in which the characters first appeared.

This is a world where everyone speaks in one line nigger. The show has quite a bit of bite, especially considering it’s about vampires and werewolves.

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