Thirst for Knowledge DMZ Mission Guide

Thirst for knowledge is a level 5 platoon mission in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ. The mission tasks you with completing five contracts, each in less than one minute. Of all the nine contracts available in the DMZ, only a few of them could be completed within one minute.

How to complete contracts in less than one minute DMZ

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In order to complete the Thirst for Knowledge Platoon mission, we recommend that you adhere to the following three contracts:

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Your ability to complete these contracts within a minute depends on how popular your target is. Furthermore, the presence of a fast vehicle And the Supportive teammates is critical to this challenge. For the HVT Elimination contract, you will have to take out a well-armored and guarded target and then confirm the kill to complete the contract. You can use the car to get to the bonus quickly and even run over it for an easy kill.

While holding the Safe Nuclear, two research areas will be marked on the map after you pick up a Geiger counter. You and your teammates can split up and search for both the nuclear bunker at the same time. The next contract we recommend trying is Rescue Hostage. Quickly evacuate the target building and deliver the hostage to the rescue helicopter with your vehicle. Hunt Squad It’s another contract that can be completed in a minute if you feel confident with your weapons and gear. Moreover, if your chosen contract target is located too far away, you can cancel the active contract from the tac map screen and search for another contract.

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