NBA Style Rankings: Letterman jackets, fur coats, and extra fashion risks

We’re officially two months into the NBA season, and we’re seeing regular faces in the style rankings but also getting a steady dose of newcomers each week. Style around the league has never been more promoted by individual teams, players, and accounts dedicated to NBA fashion. This past week in particular was a great mix of chic outfits, as well as more casual and laid back looks.

Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s rankings:

Booker went with a loose, relaxed, neutral look and it’s gorgeous. The all-star has been known for his clothes being on the baggy side, as well as his love of Chuck Taylors. It’s all on display here with a matching fuzzy quarter jacket and pants.

The book went with slightly different whites for the jacket and pants. The Jungle green cartridges Add some color to the fit – and we can’t forget about the shades.

Love headed to the team bus in the wearable Intarsia Knit New York Sweater. The NBA champion also wears a denim shirt under his jacket, which is a lighter color than his jeans.

And you can never go wrong with a new pair of Nike Air Force 1s all white.

It must be that time of year, because our long winter coats are in full force this week. The pink fur says it all about Jackson’s physique, as well as his temperament, because you absolutely need a certain level of confidence to pull off an extravagant look.

Jackson wears an “O” T-shirt with a picture of the late Kobe Bryant in an orange afro. The more color, the funnier it is for Jackson. His jeans have stitching through them which creates a grid with a white line down the sides of each pant leg. Jackson returned to the weekly style ratings with a bang.

Ibaka has a very mature booty. The all-black look from head to toe, save for the white T-shirt, makes it look like he’s all about his business. Ibaka is not new to fashion. He is honest about that. This is just another example of why that is.

To add, it’s got the gold watch and bracelet combination that matches a green Goyard toiletry bag.

Toscano-Anderson is in his first season with the Lakers, and his sense of style seems appropriate for the bright lights of Los Angeles.

He matched the brown shirt with the brown stripes on his jacket, Goyard bag, and briefcase Salmon in Nike Dunks With designs on the lower half of his pants. From one Bay Area to another, I noticed the NBA champ’s bouts earlier this season, and I’m glad he finally made the cut this week.

Oubre is back in the rankings again, this time wearing a jacket with stripes that create an optical illusion. His red cap and red pants match the subtle red color of his jacket.

He has enough Cuban Links to light up a room in the dark, plus a ring, black nail polish, and a bag from his house Dope $ol brand. And you can’t go wrong Jordan 1 sec.

I’ve noticed there’s been an increasing number of requests for Grant shifts, and he delivered them this week. The striped shirt, black blazer, skinny black tie, and black slacks are just one of Grant’s many looks. Note the pins he added to his jacket to get the customization value.

Grant decided to put an end to things Yellow suede sneakers. Ring, watch and Goyard wallet are elegant accessories for a more elegant look. From now on, we’re all investing in his sizing for the season.

This has to be one of the most clever introductions to these ratings that I can remember. The fur coat clearly sets the tone for this fit.

Jay also got shades, tailored dress pants to show off his white stockings, and black dress shoes. It reminds us of George Gervin or Clyde Drexler with their fur coats and top hats.

Alexander-Walker has become a regular on these lists, and it’s not hard to see why. We’ve seen him wear a Louis Vuitton Letterman jacket, but we’ve never seen him wear a yellow jacket. It has a smiley face logo on the front to go along with the classic “L” and “V” letters, and a graffiti logo on the left arm.

I have to believe the long white shirt was meant to be worn to show under the jacket. The camouflage pants are Jordan The rest of the fit balances out very well.

Duke isn’t a very popular player in the league, but I imagine his NBA peers in his age group are familiar with his style. The two-way Brooklyn Nets rocked a burgundy Rodeo Grand Prix letterman, with baggy pants and burgundy sneakers.

If Duke wasn’t on a team with Patty Mills, I would’ve argued that he’s the coolest person in every room he’s in.

(Photo by Kelly Ober Jr.: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images)


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