2023 NFL Draft Order: Ground pick #1 overall, Texas pick #2

The Houston Texans finished the regular season with a 32-31 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The victory at the conclusion of the regular season boosted the Texans’ winning percentage enough to secure the first overall pick in this year’s draft for the Chicago Bears. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Bears are down to 3-14 on the year with a loss to the Vikings on Sunday and will take a first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.
  • The Texans will have a top five pick in the draft for the second consecutive season as they will pick their first overall pick at #2.
  • The Seahawks are currently slated for the third overall pick because they have the 2023 Denver Broncos first-round pick.

current draft command

  1. bore
  2. Texas
  3. Seahawks (via Broncos)
  4. basics
  5. colts
  6. Lions (via The Rams)
  7. Raiders
  8. leopards
  9. Planes
  10. hawk
  11. titans
  12. Texas (via Brown)
  13. Eagles (via The Saints)
  14. leaders
  15. Patriots
  16. hacker
  17. black
  18. Seahawks
  19. Packers
  20. Jaguar
  21. Steelers
  22. giants
  23. chargers
  24. crows
  25. Bengals
  26. Cowboys
  27. Denver (via Dolphins via 49ers)
  28. Vikings
  29. the Eagles
  30. Invoices
  31. heads

Bears Earth’s No. 1 pick

In some ways, the Bears got what they wanted from the 2022 season. Justin Fields has shown growth and had some exciting moments. They got draft capital for two defensive players, Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn. More importantly, they would have the first pick in the draft. But it’s possible that GM Ryan Paul would have preferred to see more positives from his rookie class, or to see any of his free agent additions become diamonds in the rough. Resources are there in terms of caps and draft picks, but the 2022 season hasn’t produced enough key players to make a quick turnaround. – Aquarium

Texas needs a QB

It’s been clear for a while that Davis Mills isn’t the long-term answer from Texas. Having the second overall pick puts Texas in a position to find a quarterback, even if some fans are disappointed in Sunday’s result. The Bears may not be interested in drafting a quarterback, since they have Justin Fields, and if Chicago is shopping for a top pick, last year’s trade of Deshaun Watson to the Browns gives the Texans the capital to move to a spot if they choose to do so.

Given this franchise may be on the verge of hiring a new head coach for the third time in the three-year time limit, depending on what happens with Lovie Smith, it would be wrong to assume that the Texans will follow conventional thinking and take their quarterback with their first pick in the 2023 draft. To or sign a temporary veteran and fend off the long-term quarterback question in the future would mean risking an apathy growing deeper among a fan base that, judging by the many empty seats at NRG Stadium this season, has already been massively registered. Preparation. Should he continue with his job, GM Nick Caserio will enter a third year with perhaps a third coach, which means it’s time to show real progress. – Reese

(Photo: Daniel Bartel/USA Today)


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