Codes for Roblox Dragon Ball Hyper Blood (Jan 2023)

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Have you ever wanted to fight alongside Goku and other characters from the popular anime and manga Dragon Ball Z? Well now you can in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood! Channel your inner Super Saiyan as you fight your way through hordes of bosses and billions while learning the flashy moves like Kamehameha or Spirit Bomb and the transformations you all know and love in this Roblox game developed by Lisher.

Our Roblox Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Code List contains all the fighting spirits you need to get back on your feet for another round. Use our DBHB codes to get instant stats in the millions! Power up to your limit and leave no enemy standing. Are you ready to go ultra instinct?!

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All Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Code List

Updated January 7, 20203

A new symbol has been added.

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes (working)

Here’s a look at all the codes currently available for Dragon Ball Hyper Blood.

  • Fixeth 3G4m3—Retrieve for Zenkai (new)
  • monster mode– Replace 12 million strength
  • Tim—Recover 3 million of all stats
  • N3WB00S—Recover 10 million of all stats
  • 42KLIK3Z—Retrieve for Zenkai
  • wetting– Redeem 6 million from each case
  • minimum—3 million recoveries from each case
  • the scientist—Recover 6 million from each stat
  • Code FR33– Redeem 6 million from each case

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Codes (Expired)

Unfortunately, these Roblox Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes no longer work.

  • FL4ZHZZ3T1NGZ—Recover 2 million of all stats
  • Giving station – Redeem 4 million of each Stat
  • 8MVISITZ – Redeem 8 million per Stat
  • NAM3K – Replace 3 million of each stat
  • 30MVISITZ – Redeem 12 million from each Stat
  • SH4R3D4G4M3 – Exchange for 1 Zenkai
  • 37MVISITZ– Redeem 12 million from each case
  • Competition – Redeem 10 million per Stat
  • HAPPYZ0Z1 – Redeem 10 million per Stat
  • Christmas 2020 – Redeem for a special model
  • 5KDIZCORD – Redeem 5 million per Stat
  • Perosplanet – Redeem 6 million of each Stat
  • UPDCS – Redeem 10 million per Stat
  • checktwitter
  • 10MREALCODE – Redeem 10 million per Stat
  • 3KDIZCORD – Replaced with 2 gingers
  • 6MVISITZ – Redeem 4 million of each Stat
  • FL4ZHZZ3T1NGZ – Redeem 2 million per Stat

Dragon Ball Hyperemia Frequently Asked Questions

How to redeem codes for Dragon Ball Hyper Blood

Enter codes in Dragon ball hyperemia It’s so easy to do, you don’t even need to leave the first menu you come across! Find the large icons button at the bottom left of the main menu screen and tap it to open it.

Click on the blue text box and enter one code from the top. Then press Sure button to claim your prize!

A huge stat boost will give you a huge jump in the game and should start you on your way to becoming powerful in the game!

How to find more Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes

To find more Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes, follow Lither On Twitter, join DragIn the game Ball Hyper Blood Community Discordand the Dragon Ball Hyper Blood Fan Club Roblox Collection.

Why are my Dragon Ball Hyper Blood codes not working?

If the codes for Roblox Dragon Ball Hyper Blood are working, it may mean that the code you are using has expired, as some codes can last for some time and others not for very long.

You may have mistyped the code in Dragon Ball Hyper Blood, so double check and type it exactly as it is in the working codes section above.

Finally, you may have used the code before, and all codes are only activated once.

What is Dragon Ball Hyper Blood?

Dragon Ball Hyper Blood is a game where you fight against the DBZ enemies you know, such as Frieza, Cell and Jiren. Level up by gaining experience fighting these enemies, punching and kicking, charging your ki, and stacking them up to unleash combo attacks in the middle of the fight! Winning a battle will reward you with a chest with EXP from within!

As you run, you’ll be able to unlock new moves and transformations like Super Saiyan Blue (SSJB) or even curly moves like SSJ! Level up and fight stronger enemies! Be the strongest warrior in all of the universe!

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