Illegal rave for 6 days in a Spanish village with the support of the local sheriff

Illegal rave rocks spanish village locals join in!

Photo: EFE via AP

An illegal rave that lasted for six days and attracted 5,000 people took place in the small village of La Peza, in Spain over the New Year period, according to a guardian.

La Pisa has a population of just 1,200, which had nearly quintuple when “by Saturday we had 6,000,” according to Fernando Alvarez, the mayor of La Pisa.

La Peza is located in the southern region of Granada, Spain, within the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Beginning on Friday, December 30th, and concluding on Wednesday, January 4th, the village of La Peza (near Granada Spain) features seven music stages, dance floors, and festival facilities less than a mile from the village.

Cranes mostly come from Spain, but there are some crows that have come from as far away as Italy, the UK and the Netherlands.

Alvarez said the mayor is open-minded and easy-going Watchman:

“Honestly it was so well organized. It was like a small town. They had a bakery, a pizzeria, clothes shops, people braiding your hair – they had absolutely everything.”

“I’m amazed they were able to set all that up in a few hours. We got six days of entertainment, but we also realize that this incident gave us a little bit of publicity and put us on the map.”

He finished, “We’re here if anyone wants to visit us—but maybe not 5,000 people at once.”

The mayor suggested that the rave could benefit the village in the future. The local police decided it would be safer to contain the party, rather than try to expel 5,000 passengers.

Spanish police have set up roadblocks to limit people entering the rave, as well as using a helicopter to monitor the situation.

Intrigued members of the local village also join the party, including the young residents and an 80-year-old villager.

Fair play, good on them and great to see such a great attitude from the authorities… for once!

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