How to unlock a corgi minion in Final Fantasy XIV

With the release of Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy XIV, the game has entered dozens of new followers and followers. One of the most attractive is the incredibly cute Corgi, which is exactly what you would expect, a cute Corgi with an adorable scarf! Here’s how to unlock a corgi minion

How to get a corgi minion in FFXIV

In order to unlock Minion Corgi, you will need 400 Faux Cards, which is the currency earned from playing Faux Hollows. Faux Hollows is a battleship-themed mini-game that challenges you to overcome some of the most challenging battles of the past in the game while setting its stats to level 90.

Also the customer is a marketable and tradable corgi. This means that you can get it by trading on the Marketplace. However, at the time of writing, the Corgi was either completely unavailable, or cost in the region of a few million GEL. This will likely be less expensive over time.

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Opening faux holes for Final Fantasy XIV

In patch 6.3, the Faux Hollows experiment is the P1T6 Containment Bay (Unreal), which will see you on the Meracydian goddess Sophia, who has been trapped by the Allagans – and she isn’t too happy about that. You will need to make sure it is unlocked. The P1T6 (Unreal) Containment Bay will be unlocked by completing the normal P1T6 Containment Bay. After that, you will find it in the Raid Finder section of Duty Finder. Faux Hollows is unlocked by talking to the Painfully Ishgardian Man at X:7, Y:5.9 in Idyllshire.

Completing Unreal Trials will allow you to play Faux Hollows with Faux Commander. By revealing the illustrations on the Faux Hollows board, you will receive Faux Leaves, which can then be exchanged for prizes, such as the Minion Corgi. Faux Leaves, just like most in-game rewards, reset every Tuesday at 1:00 AM Pacific Time.

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