DJ pulled decks by bouncers in Edinburgh

An incident occurred at an Edinburgh rave on January 14, during which a DJ was removed from the stage by security while he was performing.

DJ Azyr, who hails from Blackpool, was playing a techno group in Liquid Rooms when he started jumping decks. Despite the bouncer’s efforts to bring him down, DJ continues to perform before being chased into the crowd by the bouncer.

The incident was caused by a topless DJ performing on stage which was not well received by the bouncers.

The DJ was pulled off the stage by bouncers

Watch here:

@employee Choas in Edinburgh – Scotland never disappoints, the crowd beats everyone for an hour straight. # Liquid chambers # Edinburgh #Rave # Hahaha # Hahaha # verses #Minister ♬ original sound – Azyr

DJ Azyr shared a video on TikTok, saying: “CHAOS IN EDINBURGH – SCOTLAND never disappoints the audience in a frenzy for an hour straight. ”

The video got 30,000 views and 3,000 likes from tech fans, who found the footage amusing. Some social media users praised the DJ’s performance, while others commented on the brawl gracefully.

DJ Azyr acknowledged the landlord’s disapproval of his actions, with one social media user even stating he should be physically removed from the decks. Rudy Eck!

To be fair, the track is at least cool.

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