Everything is at stake in the vampire-infested world of Redfall

Redfall by Arkane raises the stakes as players battle the vampire scourge alone or in a group in this dark open world. Embrace your inner vampire hunter and fight evil as you try to liberate the town of Redfall or fall to the vampire lords.

Arkane and Bethesda Give players a deep dive into Redfall during the Xbox Developer’s Direct on January 25, 2023. Here, players get an in-depth look at the world of Redfall and the heroes, vampires, and locations they will encounter in the city of Redfall. You can even enter vampire nests, changing existing vampire dens elsewhere.

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There are four heroes to master in Redfall, each with unique abilities, tools, and play styles. Whether you play alone or with friends, Redfall lets you engage with its vampire-infested world as you try to chow down on the invading vampires. You are free to fight vampires head-on or use your skills to prepare yourself for a great advantage – the choice is yours.

You’ll need to work together or become a solo specialist if you hope to defeat the vampires in Redfall. While you’ll encounter cultists and ordinary vampires, some, like Shroud, Angler, Watcher, and more, have unique abilities of their own. Deadly vampires act as bosses and will test your survival.

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