How to get the Unova Stone in Pokémon GO

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Unova Stones are very important items in Pokémon GO, as there are many Pokémon that have stone-based evolutions. While they have a significant impact on a player’s Pokédex, they can also be very difficult to obtain. There are some surefire ways to get your hands on it.

Where to get Unova Stones in Pokémon GO

Unova Stones are much more difficult to obtain than other similar evolution items, such as Sinnoh Stones, with the only real ways to obtain them. field And Timed search.

Complete field research tasks

When players complete a field research, they will receive a stamp for the day. Completing enough field research to get seven stamps will result in a big bonus on the last day. This bounty has a chance of containing a Unova Stone, and although it has a low chance, it is the most reliable way for players to get one.

Complete the timed search

Occasionally, during events and celebrations, Niantic gives players the chance to obtain the Unova Stone via Timed Research. This research is usually only available for a limited time and there’s no guarantee that the Unova Stone will be included as a reward, but it’s something players should watch out for.

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Pokemon evolve using the Unova Stone

Unlike the Sinnoh Stone, there aren’t a lot of Pokémon that evolve using the Unova Stone, but it’s still an important item for players trying to fill up their Pokédex. It is important to note that most of these Pokemon will require Candy in addition to Unova Stone to evolve. Below can be found the full list of current Pokémon that evolve with the Unova Stone:

Pokemon baby Pokemon evolution
seamlessly * simsj
pansir * similar
Banpur * Simibor
Mona sharing
Electric electros
Minchino Cinchino

* The Pokémon marked with an asterisk is currently a regional Pokémon and is only available in certain locations.

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