Imran Khan of PTI lost his importance in forming a caretaker government

The twists and turns of Imran Khan’s political tactics to create political pressure on the Shehbaz Sharif-led government to announce snap elections seem to have failed after the dissolution of two provincial assemblies, and Imran Khan’s desire to challenge the prime minister’s seat through a vote of confidence in parliament has also waned. This happened after Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf, who initially accepted 11 resignations of PTI members, which was followed by the recent acceptance of 35 additional members, has now accepted no less than 43 resignations, leaving only two members behind. who were on vacation.

Not only did this smart and timely move by the government eliminate PTI’s presence from parliament, but it also came at a time when PTI had disbanded its two powerhouses from the provincial governments of Punjab and Khem Brand.

With this, Imran Khan’s party will have no say in the appointment of an interim federal government for a period of 90 days, which will come with a mandate to hold general elections in the country in the future.

Waleed Ali Khan of the Awami National Party said, “PTI MNA members should blame themselves for their immature and irrational decision to make unwarranted bids for resignations from the National Assembly in April 2022. This will cost them more politically in the upcoming elections.”

“Now, it does not matter whether the elections will be early or on schedule. PTI will have no role or connection in the selection of the caretaker PM. So PTI and Imran Khan, who lost the battle in winds claiming that every immature step was a blow Khan’s superhero.

Interestingly, after mass resignations by PTI members of parliament in April 2022, when Imran Khan was ousted from power by a vote of no confidence, led by the then opposition coalition, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM); PTI and Imran Khan himself are demanding that all resignations be accepted by the speaker.

However, now that the resignations have been accepted, the Speaker asserts that he wants to make sure that all the resignations are confirmed by the MNAs (Members of the National Assembly) – the PTI members protested asking that their resignations not be withdrawn.

Imran Khan initially miscalculated that his threats to dissolve the district assemblies would put enough pressure on the government to announce early elections. Then he thought that by dissolving the district assemblies, he would push the federal government to force them to hold elections. Then, when the government refused to give up on the federal government, he tried Using the pending resignations, which she hopes have been submitted on his orders to his party leaders, to overthrow the government through demands for a vote of confidence for Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Parliament and then using their political pressure to get a caretaker arrangement of their choice, failed. also collapsed.”

Imran Khan’s popularity and narrative building are affected with each passing day and government moves further weakening his position and political importance.

and by the preparation of a caretaker for the choice of the Government of the Punjab Province, already in force, besides the preparation expected of an Employer of the Federal Government; Imran Khan’s chances of regaining power are becoming more and more bleak.

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