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The latest show on Fox’s schedule, Accused, announces that it depicts the story from the defendants’ point of view.

This point of view gives the audience the option to consider their opinion of the perpetrator because prosecution and justice for the victim’s family are recurring themes in crime and legal dramas.

That promise is delivered in Season 1 Episode 1. The one-hour drama tells a compelling story that incorporates elements of criminality, mental illness, dysfunctional families, and despair.

Charged season 1

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Accused Season 1: Episode 1

Each episode of the Accused anthology series tells a distinct story. The first episode focuses on renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Scott Harmon. Dr. Harmon is portrayed by the distinguished Michael Chiklis.

Prosecutors accuse Scott of murder at the beginning of the episode. In connection with his late son, journalists pester him. We now speculate if he killed his child.

Dr. Harmon’s history is presented as one of success and hard work. He seems to genuinely care about his patients. His bedside behavior lays the foundation for the main character’s innocence.

The spectator was left wondering how this man, who helps treat young children, could kill a young child – especially his own son – after seeing this picture.

However, the audience begins to notice a more serious problem with his attitude when we first meet his son, Devin. Devin, a troubled teen, is routinely expelled from school for making terrorist threats.

Jill Hennessy, who portrays Lynn, Scott’s wife, passionately, always stands up for her son. It depicts a mother who loves her child to the point of danger.

You think he would start to show empathy and typical human feelings if he could get some therapy.

Season One: Heart to Heart

The seriousness of his son’s mental state seems beyond anyone but Scott to comprehend. She revealed to us moments with Devin that really shocked Scott.

Although Dr. Harmon was the main subject of the episode, the main plot revolved around Devin thinking. The authors detail meeting after meeting that demonstrates the young man’s lack of empathy or remorse. The adolescent exhibits sociopath-like traits.

I distinctly remember imagining what it would have been like to push Alex over the edge.

Devin Optimus Prime I distinctly remember imagining what it would be like to push Alex over the edge.

Devin is often pessimistic and self-righteous, has a habit of killing small animals, and has no respect for authority.

Lynn Harmon, Dr. Harmon’s wife, never stops being protective of her son. Scott frequently confides in her and colleague Dr. Mitch Baker about his fears that his son may soon cause someone harm.

Everyone who tried to hurt me is in my memory, especially you, Serena.

I remember everyone who tried to hurt me, especially you, Serena.

Given Scott’s trial for murder, this tale is specious.

Viewers begin to believe that Dr. Harmon killed his son. The deception was excellent. As a result, the spectator was able to change his mind about Devin.

Charged season 1
Charged season 1

The Defendants Season 1: Episode 1 Explained

The plot to kill Scott’s son was dramatized by the writers, allowing the audience to continue this thinking. In the end, his love for Devin kept him from finishing the job.

It seems there is more Dr. Harmon could have accomplished. Fear of stigma associated with mental illness affected the family. What would happen if he confronted his son about it or handed over the statement to the police?

So that you understand how angry I was and still am. Parental control contributed to Devin’s latest offense.

Almost until it was too late, Devin’s mother steadfastly refused to accept that her son was mentally capable. Her delusion may have delayed his treatment.

He’s getting ready to do something terrible, Mitch. Mitch, he’s getting ready to do something terrible.

Too late, a teen capable of killing is revealed. We witness a teen who may easily hurt others, including classmates. We are shown a young child crying out in many ways to ease his suffering.

So, does Scott make the logical decision to kill his son? How many parents hide themselves from their children until it’s too late?

To kill me, you took me there.

One day, Scott’s job as a neurosurgeon requires him to pass life-or-death judgments. However, his indecision leads to death and terror for his son’s life.

They argue that he should have killed his own son before the mass murder.

However, the most important question is: Why didn’t he scream as loud as he could to anyone who could save his child? And does that make him party to a school shooting?

We tend to trust the plaintiffs’ justifications because they have considered the case. Scott Harmon was complicit due to his negligence. However, we also got to witness the heart of Scott Harmon, as expertly portrayed by Michael Chiklis.

Charged season 1
Charged season 1

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Season 1: Scott N Court

We have watched a father be tormented by a child he loved and hated. We observe a man struggling to act morally, acting as if he was the only person capable of rectifying the situation.

You are no longer my father. Not that you ever were, really.

The only thing the Scott family had in court was a grieving family. When Scott was found not guilty, there was no celebration. They can breathe, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be recovering anytime soon.

In addition to Scott’s storyline, the first episode also focused on the family’s struggles. Many families struggling with the help they need for their loved ones will come to terms with this.

Devin’s father noticed many warning signs in their son’s life. Although he was finally found not guilty, he would undoubtedly carry that guilt for the rest of his life because he could not intervene in time to save his son.

I hope you have completed it.

The Accused TV show offers bits of understanding to the spectator. It was very interesting to watch because of the speed with which they moved the story and how they developed the momentum of the plot.

The music, lighting and soundtrack evoked the emotions specific to each scene. When Scott made a decision about his son’s life, we feared for Scott and Devin. Outside the courtroom, we were frustrated.

The first episode of “The Accused” tells the story of Scott Harmon, whose life is turned upside down by the death of his teenage son. With their son Devin displaying aggressive tendencies, the episode depicts the Harmon family as irreparably broken.

They make an effort to seek psychiatric help for their child, but it turns out that he is not interested. As Scott is forced to entertain the idea that he may need to take extreme action to stop his son from doing something irreversible, the plot becomes more complicated.

However, in conclusion, events have taken such a sad turn that we are forced to reflect on Scott’s role in it all. Take a look at the conclusions of “Scott’s Storyevents” and what the outcome means for him and his family.

While Scott Harmon is being taken to court, a reporter asks him what he would say to his son, Devin, if the latter were still alive.

Devin is proven dead, and it appears that Scott played a part in it, based on this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Devin was the target of bullying at school and, as retaliation, threatened those youngsters with extreme violence.

Charged season 1
Charged season 1

The Defendant Season 1: Is it a true story?

It appears at first, depending on how the story develops, that Scott is accused of killing his own child. Devin clearly had violent and psychopathic tendencies. With each passing second, Scott was more and more certain that he could not save his son, but he could prevent terrible things from happening.

He analyzes Devin’s murder in great detail, and even hatches a scheme to make it seem accidental. He plans a weekend outing to the Deep Gorge, a notoriously dangerous location where many disasters have occurred over the years.

At one point, Scott comes perilously close to pushing Devin over the edge, but his love for his son prevents him from doing so.

Devin also admits that he has trouble controlling his anger and is considering spending a few months in Iceland with a friend he met online.

He says he will see a therapist when he gets home to sort out his problems, but he needs money to pay for the trip. Scott is relieved to learn that his son is making an effort to modify his behaviour.

When he returns home, he also learns that the dog he thought Devin had killed is still alive. Without going into the details of his plan, Scott chooses to give his son the money because he feels terrible at being suspicious of him.

It takes Scott some time to realize that the $10,000 he paid Devin for his trip was actually spent on guns and ammo, which Devin and his online friend Jax used to massacre his school. Devin shoots himself after killing several children.

However, his family’s tale does not end here. Devin’s parents are suing Scott after Devin’s death for financing his son’s series of murders.

All of the victims of Devin’s crimes are held responsible for their deaths, and it is emphasized that none of this would have happened if Scott had paid attention to his son’s well-being.

Fans want Scott to take responsibility for his actions. He should have handled his son’s issues with more initiative and caution.

He was aware of Devin’s violent thoughts and was confident his son would act on them if given the chance. Scott was so afraid of his son’s ambitions that he considered killing him, but refrained from doing as his friend advised him to do.

Devin might have spent some time in prison if he had been reported to the authorities, but whoever died later at Devin’s hands would have had their lives spared.

Season One Accused: Cast

  • Michael Chiklis as Dr. Scott Corbett
  • Wendell Pierce as
  • Malcolm Jamal Warner as
  • Ox Fegley as Hunter Corbett
  • Robert Wisdom as Mitch Baker
  • Jill Hennessy as Lynn Corbett
  • Tara Rosling as Dr. Lori Grotstein
  • Lanette Weir as Da Claire Wilson
  • Paula Boudreau as Judge Ruta Wells
  • Cyrus Lane as Eric Parker
  • Evan March as Alex Harmon

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