The For You tab to stay on users’ favorite timeline on Twitter for the web

The company tweeted “Did any of you (all of you) request that your schedule default to where you finally left it?”

“Starting today on the web, if you close Twitter in the For You or Following tabs, you will return to the timeline you opened most recently,” he added.

The microblogging platform also said that the feature will also come to iOS and Android soon.

Earlier this month, the microblogging platform announced that the Home and Recent tabs will be replaced by the For You and Following tabs on iOS.

The company tweeted from its @TwitterSupport account: “See the Tweets you want to see. Starting today on iOS, swipe between tabs to see tweets recommended for ‘you’ or tweets from accounts you ‘follow.'”

“The For You and Following tabs replace Home and Recent and will be pinned to the top of your timeline so you can easily switch between them. Swipe to switch timelines instead of clicking the star icon.”

Later, the company rolled out updates to the “For You” and “Follow” tabs of the web interface.

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