Best Graphics Settings Explained Forspoken – All Graphics Settings

Forspoken is an RPG set in fantasy settings where you use magic to succeed. Interestingly, you will also need magic to run this game on a PC if you don’t have a high-end one. Thus, you have to lower your expectations if you want to reach at least 30 FPS. On the other hand, the Playstation 5’s graphics setup setting is much more relaxed. Take a look at the best graphics settings for Forspoken to make your gaming experience the best it can be.

All GPU settings explained

Forspoken computer graphic settings

Playing Forspoken on PC can be difficult if you don’t have a powerful configuration. It seems that the developers were aware of this, so they let you tweak the graphic settings to increase the capabilities of your processor, graphics card, and RAM. Here are the optimization options and how to make Forspoken playable on PC. You can check out our game impressions in the Forspoken review.

Display settings for Forspoken on PC

display setting Accommodation
Precision Either the default screen resolution or 1920 x 1080
Maximum frame rate start with 60; If you have problems, lower it to 30.
VSync turning off
screen style full screen

View the settings for Forspoken on PC

Submission preparation Accommodation
Variable rate shaders turning off
dynamic resolution turning off
memory model Basic
fabric memory Basic

Image quality setting for Fospoken on PC

Image preparation Accommodation
AMD FidelityFX Choose Balance if you are using an AMD card.
Nvidia DLSS Choose Balance if you are using an Nvidia card.
sharpness No need to change the default setting.
form detail level Basic
Texture filtering Basic

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Set up post filters for Forspoken on PC

another filter Accommodation
Thoughts Basic
Motion blur turning off
depth of field on me
Fog quality Little
Cloud quality Little
Shadow quality Basic
Ray trad shadows turning off
Peripheral occlusion (AO) Basic
Occlusion perimeter ray tracking turning off
Anti-aliasing turning off

Playstation 5 graphics settings Forspoken

It’s much easier to set Forspoken graphics on the PlayStation 5. Here, your only problem is which preset to choose. You can choose between three drawing presets:

performance Select this option to achieve the best frame rate.
Quality Select this option to enjoy the 4K playback experience.
ray tracing Choose this to enjoy more realistic graphics.

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