Can you reset nodes on weapons and suits in Dead Space Remake?

When upgrading anything in Dead Space Remake using Nodes at the Bench, nothing is final. Upgrades can be reset at any point in the game as long as players have credits to reset their upgrades. Doing so would be very expensive for each individual upgrade, so an unnecessary upgrade can be more expensive than just buying more nodes. This is how upgrades are reset in Dead Space Remake.

How to reset nodes and upgrades in Dead Space Remake

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All suit and weapon upgrades can be reset to order 5,000 credits All when looking at the upgrade menu in Bench. Each weapon and suit in the game will have its own separate list of upgrades and the nodes spent on each of them can be returned to Isaac’s inventory. When you remove upgrades from a suit, visual changes such as increased HP and energy will also be removed. With the freedom of being able to upgrade a weapon to try out and then switch it out, players can more easily see which weapons they want to use.

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Whatever weapon Isaac has in his inventory, even if he isn’t equipped, he will cause those weapons’ ammo to drop. Storing weapons away and having only the ones they want will ensure players have ammo for their favorite weapons. This works the same way when players are low on health, causing Necromorphs to have a chance to drop healing items. When low on Stasis, it also increases the chance of dropping Stasis Packs. Credits are dropped regardless of Isaac’s depreciation and are the most common points from enemies.

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