Genshin Impact Iridescence in Papers Web Event Guide

Genshin Impact Iridescence in Papers web event starts from Jan 29thAnd 2023And until February 7thAnd 2023, and is open to all Adventure players of rank 10 and above. During the event, you can create paper props to use on stage to celebrate the Iridescence Tour, and claim lots of Primogem rewards.

Start by heading to Official web event page. Make sure you are logged into your HoYoverse account, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Select the correct server and character, rewards are distributed via in-game mail.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Iridescence in Papers web event

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After completing the tutorial, you can click scissors icon bottom left of the screen to display a list of Daily Tasks. Complete them to earn cards, which can be used to unlock more scenes and stage props. Don’t forget to reset these tasks daily along with daily server reset.

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Once you earn at least 50 sheetsclick next scene to open it.

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you have to Draw along the dotted lines to form the desired shape. Make sure to do this in one hit. It’s okay if you don’t do it perfectly, as described above. If you fail to cut a single hit, you will have to try again.

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Next, you need to drag and drop the pieces of paper to their corresponding positions on the left. Don’t worry because the game will only let you drop them in the correct positions, so it’s easy to do. You will receive x20 Primogems as well as other resources as rewards.

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Once you’re done, drag the machine image onto the corresponding letter to highlight it. You will get stage props as rewards. These can be used to update the stage format by clicking mountain symbol next to the scissors in the bottom left of the screen.

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Click on Mora bag icon at the top right of the screen for a list of event tasks. You can complete them at any time during the event period, and they will reward you with more Primogem rewards.

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