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Pixel Piece is an adventure game on Roblox that is based on the popular One Piece manga series. Similar to Blox Fruits, players in Pixel Piece travel from one island to another killing enemies, upgrading their stats and weapons, and collecting fruits to give them unique powers and abilities. If you are a newbie to Pixel Piece and looking to find fruit quickly, don’t worry. In this guide, we will tell you where to get fruits in Pixel Piece.

Where to get fruit in Pixel Piece

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You can buy fruits in Pixel Piece from Central port The island on which it is located Southwest from Orangetown. Quests open in this location a bit later in the game, if you’re just starting your Pixel Piece adventure. However, you can reach this location in advance by purchasing a boat from the starting island. Once you’ve spawned on the starting island, generate your boat, and head south towards Orange Town. From Orange Town, head southwest, until you find the small island of Central Port.

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Once on Central Port Island, find the entrance on the right Under the wooden stairs. Enter this room, and go left. Here, you can buy any five fruits out of the total eight available in the game using either in-game gold or Robux. The fruits currently in stock will be rerolled randomly each time One hour.

What are the fruits in the pixel piece

The fruits in Pixel Piece are inspired by the Devil Fruits in the One Piece manga series, where mysterious fruits give their consumers supernatural powers. Similarly, in Pixel Piece, fruits are unique items that can give you a set of unique abilities that can help you in stealth, combat, traversal, and many other situations. Here are all the fruits that are available in Pixel Piece:

  • ice
  • flame
  • bomb
  • kilo
  • Cry
  • yarn
  • invisible
  • seamless

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