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The long-awaited Hotel + update to the popular Roblox horror experience has finally arrived doorAnd with it came new entities, rooms, keys, and badges, including the one we’ll discuss in this brief, mysterious guide. threaded badge. Continue reading below to learn more about how to get this secret achievement.

How to get the linkage badge in the doors

Before we begin, it’s important to mention that to unlock the badge threaded into the doors, you’ll need access Room 100 And you have at least one item in your inventory. This means successfully evading Seek, Figure, Halt, Screech, Rush, and all the other entities you might find scattered around the hotel, and making it through all 100 doors with an equipped item. If you’re having trouble getting to Room 100, be sure to check out our full guide.

Once you’re in room 100, and get to the point where the figure starts chasing you, instead of walking up the stairs like you normally would, go lowest Stairs to basement. Downstairs should be a glowing portal that you can interact with by pressing and holding H. When interacting with the portal, you will place an item inside it and unlock the interconnected badge! Now, the next time you play a round of doors, the item you placed inside the gate will be available to you.

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For a quick look at the portal in action, check out the video below from YouTuber Veregg.

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